Jul 1, 2010

lima bean bake with garlic rapini

This is a perennial favorite around here. We've been making it for years; not just for the family, but as potluck dishes for recitals, parties, homeschool clubs, etc. It is amazing! The buttery bean, contrasted with the bitter, garlicky rapini is a flavor explosion! I can't go on enough about it. The cooking broth is always sopped up by the children with French or Italian bread. Mmmm.

It takes just 15 minutes to make on the stove, but requires a few hours of baking in the oven. I always overindulge on this. Oh, well.
The recipe is enough to feed a family o five, but the leftovers from this are in demand, so I always double this recipe.

Cost Breakdown:
2 cans of beans: $2.50
onion, carrot, garlic : $1.50
tomato: $1
rapini: $3
bread: $3
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. This soup looks and sounds delicious. I also love that you broke down the cost of everything in it...

  2. Thank you, Stella. I wouldn't classify this as a soup, though - it only has a few cups of broth that is delicious with some crusty bread. I guess it is more like a braise.

  3. Fantastic! I can't wait to make this when it's not 120F here in Phoenix. ;-) I've never seen rapini, do you think broccolini would work? Thx for the post!

  4. Another terrific dish. Looks really tasty!

  5. Thank you, Sweetums! It is really, really good - if you ever have a few cans of butter beans (which, btw, stores sell in the 'canned vegetables' aisle, not the 'beans' aisle) or lima beans, give this a go.

    Gwen, thanks very much! I highly recommend it - a wonderful fall and winter meal - we just can't wait that long at our house. Broccolini would work very well, but I encourage a more bitter green because it works so beautifully with the sweetness of the large beans. Kale, Escarole, chicory, mustard greens, collards, mizuma, broccoli rabe, endive would be ideal. Depending on how chewy you like your greens, cook them to your desired doneness before adding them to the olive oil-garlic pan.


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