Jul 28, 2010

caramelized chickpea and chard over polenta

This dish started out so well!
I caramelized onions with chickpeas and garlic. The onions became sweet and the chickpeas were beautifully crispy. Then I put chard in it. Well that ruined it for the kids. I put it over a creamy polenta and sprinkled it with lemon zest.

When I tasted the chickpeas and onions, they were lovely. Delicious, sweet and a bit salty. The chard I'm afraid is too earthy. Kale or spinach would be much better in this dish. I've now tried over and over to make chard but the flavor is too deep for my family. I thrown in the towel and given up! There are some things that are not sanctioned by my family; chard is one.
 Sniff. Sniff.

Cost Breakdown:
polenta with almond milk: $2
chickpea: $2
chard: $3
onion, garlic, spices: $1
Total to disappoint a family of 5:


  1. I have never tried chard before so I don't know what it tastes like. Regardless, you did a terrific job, it looks really yummy and I love polenta!

  2. mm polenta! yeah, im not a huge fan of chard either but i do throw it in my salads every once in awhile because i know its so healthy

  3. Thanks for your comments, Sweetums and Jackly.

    We love polenta, too: creamy, or polenta fries, or spicy or...any, really ;)

    Chard is very earthy and healthy! Chard holds up really well during long cooking, so it is a great green to choose all around. As long as the taste is something you adore - and it is possible to do so - especially, like you said Jackly, if you add it to other things and it is not a prominent ingredient.

    It was prominent last night and overpowered the dish.

    I still have a bunch in the fridge and my CSA will keep sending them, I'm sure, so I will add a little of it to many dishes instead of a lot to one dish.


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