Aug 11, 2010

quick cassoulet

What makes a cassoulet a cassoulet? White beans. The rest is preference. Tomato sauce, sausage, duck - or any animal - carrots, etc. Traditionally cassoulets take hours to bake, but it is summer time and there is no room in this house for hours of heat!

I used some Tofurkey for my cassoulet, but had I seen the zucchini lurking in the back of the crisper drawer, it would have usurped the sausage for sure. Other vegetables, especially harder ones like winter squash, turnip, parsnip, cabbage or cauliflower would also have been a fine addition in lieu of the soy.

I topped the cassoulet with breadcrumbs sauteed in a pan with garlic, spring onions and parsley.

It was ready fast and tasted lovely. In the winter I will make a true cassoulet, but for today the Summer Cassoulet was just right.

Cost Breakdown

beans: $4
carrot, onion, garlic: $2
tomatoes: $3
panko: $1
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. What? Fast and delicious! I'm sold. I think the beans and a few veggies would be plenty during the summertime! Yum

  2. Yum, going on the menu plan for sure. (Minus the tofurkey.) ;)

  3. I'll write a recipe next week, if you are interested :)

    Kim, have you tried making seitan sausage?

  4. This is a nice light summer version of cassoulet. I absolutely love the white beans. I have made a version using some chunks of sweet potato in mine. How can it taste bad when you simmer all those lovely beans together with the spices and other veggies?

  5. White beans and tofurkey are a sweet combo!


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