Oct 21, 2010

swedish vegan meatballs

Swedish Meatballs!

Swedish meatballs are supposed to be light and fluffy on the inside. Since I am not using meat, I made a  version of Bryanna's Neatballs. These are made with TVP and gluten. I am positive that they can be made with bulgur instead of TVP to make it soy-free. These are first baked, then cooled and then simmered in the gravy or tomato sauce. These little guys stay together really well and are light and fluffy - just as intended.

The gravy is a cashew cream based gravy with a dark rich stock to replace the veal stock in the original recipes. 

My husband commented that he had not realized how much he had missed Swedish Meatballs until I made these. He also said that they kicked-butt.

Serve these with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce in lieu of the authentic, but hard to locate, lingonberry jam. 

Cost Breakdown:
TVP, gluten: $4
cashew: $1
onion, garlic, veg stock: $3
bread: $1
potatoes: $5
cranberry: $.50
Total to feed a family of 6:


  1. My mom used to make this for me when I was little. She made them with noodles though, thanks for sharing this post!

  2. These look great- I can't wait for the recipe!

  3. I agree, what a perfect meal for a chilly day. Looking forward to the recipe!

  4. Beautiful looking meatballs. I would love to try these with bulgur.

  5. OMG! these look killer and they also look like they hold together well! only 1 failed "meatball" attempt under my belt... can't wait for the recipe!

  6. Noodles, hmmm? Sounds good! Maybe need to make more gravy then.

    Thanks, eatgreek!

    Kim and Tender Branson - these would absolutely work with bulgur since the recipe does not depend on the TVP to hold together.

    And, yes, Amy, these will hold together no doubt. I've made them a few times now and they are easy to make and DO NOT fall to pieces.

    crd, I will be posting it by the end of the weekend at the latest :)

    Thanks for visiting!

  7. Oh, I cannot WAIT for this recipe! I saw this and thought, "I know what I'm making for dinner!" Looks like I need some patience, but I really look forward to trying them.

  8. I followed the recipe exactly and mine would not hold together at all....and the TVP kept wanting to separate out of the glutinous part. Sad because yours look amazing!!

  9. Hi Rhonda,

    That is sad news, indeed! I am so sorry the recipe wasn't behaving for you. Let me see if we can troubleshoot: Was the TVP fine enough? You did use vital wheat gluten? Was the batter (lack of another word) moist enough to activate the gluten? Did you squeeze the meatballs very tightly?

    I haven't made this in a while. I'll give it a try next week and report in a post. I think the gluten is enough in the recipe, but maybe I just got lucky that day. I've since then tried other meatball recipes (https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1gkjuooQeT6el3hbDJucaQIWX-gb0ziBmtKOF4pKXv6k) and those have been working and are less complicated, so I'll double-check on this one and revise.

    Again, I am so sorry this was a stinker for you! Hate those!


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