Oct 28, 2010

chicken fried seitan

Happy Birthday, David! 

His Birthday has finally come! He certainly has been taking advantage of this week - but, that's okay. 

For his birthday meal, he requested Country Fried Steak...or is that Chicken Fried?

Well, no real difference between the two, except that Country Fried can be served with brown gravy (with onions) and can be simmered in the gravy before serving. Which means I made Chicken Fried Seitan.

Yes, this is a repeat , but I have made a few variations and they should be noted! This is, after all, a learning process.

First off, the seitan is just vital wheat gluten, nothing extra added. Mix 1 c gluten with 7/8 c water (1 cup of water with 2 T of water removed). Cook it in any seitan simmering liquid.

Then cut the seitan thin - about 1/4 inch thin. This makes the final product even crunchier without drying it out. We aren't going for shoe pleather.

Third,  the coating liquid could be cashew cream, making this dish soy free. In the original recipe I used yogurt to replace the buttermilk, which still works, but try to make sure it is the thickness of buttermilk by thinning it out with a nondairy milk.

Fourth, I double-dipped it this time. I didn't last time because I think I made my yogurt too thick and double -dipping it in the flour created too much of a coat. Having the dipping liquid be thinner allowed two coats of flour and a crunchier crust.

This turned out even better than the last time and again, no surprise, another fried meal came out on top.

Happy Birthday, my love!

Cost Breakdown:
seitan: $3
flour, oil, cashews: $4
potatoes: $4
almond milk: $2
Total to feed 6 people well:


  1. My husband had a version of this at a vegan restaurant recently. We had never tried Seitan but I really want to cook more with it since it tasted so good. Thank you so much for a recipe to make my own! One question, what is "seitan simmering liquid"?

  2. Thanks for visiting! The seitan simmering liquid is the Cooking Broth in any of the seitan recipes that are on the Seitan Page at the top.

    For the 'beefy' flavor, try the Cooking Broth from the Firm Seitan recipe. I have made this using Firm Seitan, so if you are adventurous, give the whole recipe a try!

  3. I think I'm going to ask for the same thing on my birthday. What an excellent gift!

  4. Thanks, Tender Branson! He really enjoyed it, and it was a pleasure to make it for him.


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