Dec 13, 2010

incrediburger and radish guacamole

I am certain that one thing everyone gets in their CSA is radish. Radish grows quickly and easily and is therefore a natural addition to produce boxes. Lovely in salads and...and ...what else?

The sharp, horseradish-like flavor doesn't get utilized much. Or am I just not in the loop? Comment if you have other uses for this ubiquitous root veg.

I received Beauty Heart Radishes in my box this week (they look very much like turnips, except whereas turnips have the purple on the top, they have it on the bottom) and knew I had to do something with them.

Since guacamole has onions in it, and raw onions have a sharp flavor, I replaced the onions with the radish. I didn't think I would need as mush radish as I wound up using, but the flavor with the creamy avocado was perfect. Radish, avocado, lime juice and salt and pepper.

I topped the Radish-Guacamole on my Incrediburger (which I keep in the freezer for lazy days) - the best burger ever, from American Vegan Kitchen (worth the price of the book in my opinion - the $$ I save not buying GMO-Boca is a double bonus) and baked up some sweet potato fries.

Cost Breakdown

burgers: $2
bread: $2
avocado: $2
radish: $1
sweet potatoes: $2
Total to make 5 burgers and a side:


  1. Have you ever tried roasted radishes? Just roast them with some potatoes or carrots sometime- so good!

  2. Tami beat me to it - I like roasted radishes too! They're also good with roasted beets.

  3. I've heard about these bugers though I haven't had a chance to eat one yet.

  4. Thanks Tami and Erin - I will certainly give that a try!

    Tender Branson, Tami has very sweetly put the burger recipe on her website:

  5. Regarding the frozen burgers you speak of...You cook the burger, then freeze, right? I just bought AVK, so can't wait to make those!

  6. Dawn, that is correct! I make a double or triple batch and freeze them, either separately on a cookie sheet until frozen and then put them all in a bag (prevents them from freezing together) or freeze them between wax paper (although I've had them stick to the paper then :)

    You can either defrost them before grilling or pan frying or just cook them on low to allow them to defrost before they burn. Best way is to defrost them in the microwave first and then grill.

    Have a blast with the book!


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