Feb 6, 2011

hungarian layered potatoes

I have tried numerous times to successfully remake this very popular and absolutely delicious Hungarian meal. My parents made this on special occasions and as I have blogged before on a former attempt to make this, in its original form, it is full of fat. So much so, that it is considered well made if you can see the fat oozing out of the layers.

While my previous attempts were absolutely delicious, I still felt that it was missing something or something was just a tad off. Thinking what it could be, it became obvious that in its original state, cooking the potatoes and then slicing them relatively thick was acceptable since all of the fat would soak through the potato layers. However, without the stick of butter, pound of bacon and sausage, pint of full-fat sour cream and half-a-dozen-or-so eggs, this was not going to work. The potatoes needed to be thinner - more like that of an Au gratin dish.
This worked beautifully!

Also, after having been encouraged by Tami Noyes of American Vegan Kitchen, I went and bought a Tofu Express presser. As I have stated before, pressing your tofu between layers of paper towels and plates and whatever you need to weigh the whole contraption down with, does not work. Period. Wrapping the tofu in layers of a thin kitchen towel and setting it in the fridge overnight is your second best bet.
Your very best bet is this machine.
I cringed at spending $45 on a tofu press (a tofu press!!), and had been mulling it over for the past six months, but in the end it is totally worth it.
Thanks, Tami!

I made the 'eggs' in this layered dish using the Tofu Express and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. You can slice the tofu as this as you need to after pressing it in this thing and that is a key to making the 'eggs' successfully. In addition, the tofu does not crumble after pressing.

Cost Breakdown

potatoes: $3
tofu: $2
spices, herbs: $1
vegan sour cream: $2
vegan sausage: $4
vegan milk: $.50
 Total to make 6 servings:


  1. So glad you're happy with the Tofu Xpress. It's ridiculously expensive for what it is, but I always think how much of the planet (and cash) I'm saving by using it. Plus, I love the super-pressed texture.

    The Layered Potatoes look delicious!

  2. I balk at the cost of things like tofu pressers too :| My electric mixer broke and I don't even know if I'll replace it. I definitely want to.

    This dish looks amazing. I've never had the original, but this looks like it'd make a killer dinner.

  3. You were right, Tami. Next are the tiles - I still like that name better :)

    Good luck, Olivia! The dish is great - thanks!

    Thanks very much, Tender Branson!!

  4. This is another winner!
    So good in fact that we ate way too much of this in one dinner.
    Mine did not come out looking as pretty once it was served, but the taste was fantastic.
    Thank you!

  5. Casseroles are hard to make look pretty once plated. A trick to it, if you ever have company, is to cook it the day before and reheat it in the oven. Once chilled it tends to hold its shape much better.

    Thanks for making another dish!


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