Dec 7, 2011

seitan a la king

Why stop seitan-and-cream-sauce dishes at the Divan? Another American-born classic dish is Seitan a la King. This is a recipe of chopped seitan (in the olden days, chicken), with mushrooms and pimientos, in a creamy sauce, over pasta, rice, bread or puff pastry. I went all out and used puff pastry. There are vegan versions out there, and of the easiest to find is the most popular. Go look in your grocer's freezer section. Score!

You can get very elaborate with said puff pastry, but I just cut them into squares of about 4X4 inches, took half the squares and, using a 3.5 inch round lid, cut the middle out of them. Then I put the cut-out ones over a whole square ones and baked them. If you prick the inside of the square with a fork (so it doesn't rise along with the rest of the pastry), you will wind up with a bowl after the baking time (around 15 min.)

As for the a la King part, you can use chickpeas (I've heard of these being used many times), tofu (especially baked), seitan (first sauteed to get golden), or a mixture of vegetables (like for a pot pie). It all depends on what you have or how fancy you want to get. For the cream sauce I used homemade roasted almond cream, but regular vegan milk will do very well.

Verdict: It was amazing over the puff pastry. The filling was just as delicious, but in my opinion, anything thrown over puff pastry already has an advantage. Winner.

Cost Breakdown

seitan: $2
vegan milk, broth: $3
pimiento, flour, onion, mushroom, garlic: $4
puff pastry: $5
Total to make 4 servings:


  1. Great idea putting it over puff pastry.

  2. I cooked this last night and it was nothing short of amazing. I made seitan from scratch and we served the whole mixture in homemade pie crust. We also baked pie dough over the top to provide some extra bread texture. Fantastic recipe!

  3. One correction I have is that the recipe doesn't mention when to put the browned seitan in. It's such a minor error that it hardly needs mentioning, but, as a fellow blogger, I appreciate it when people point out mistakes in my recipes. Perhaps you do, as well.

  4. Thanks, Tender B.

    Cthuliz, thanks so much for the feedback!! I appreciate the correction to the recipe as well. I have updated it. Yes, I truly appreciate when folks who make something let me know if there is an error. Thanks again and I am so glad you liked it!!


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