Feb 17, 2012


It just may be that by the time I post all of the Chinese New Year meals, the next Chinese New Year will be upon us. I'll make this the last recipe from this particular week, and am only posting it because these Potstickers were darned fine! Especially for having contained TVP, which can have an adverse taste. I made about 40 wrappers and they were loved by the family. A bit of rice and the dipping sauce was really all this needed to make it a complete meal. Many appetizers are just fine as main dishes with the addition a few extra sides. 

My family likes the steam-fried potstickers. Making these little guys really is just as easy as making any meal as long as you have an assembly line going. Fill 5 wrappers at once, pleat all 5 before proceeding and place them on a floured tray while you complete the rest. Have the dipping sauce ready before you even begin because once you have these cooked, the masses will be scarfing them before you have a chance to even gather the ingredients.

To cook potstickers, have your pan very hot, add some oil, add your potstickers, flat side down, and cook until golden. Then add 1/4 cup water, cover with a lid and cook for  a few more minutes until the wrappers are done. Crispy and delicious! Like these...


  1. this sounds wonderful but I wonder what I do with the green onions, carrots and red pepper Are they stirred into the filling. Maybe I missed something when I read it.

  2. Potstickers go so quickly! Those look wonderful!

  3. You know it, Tami - I've made YOUR potstickers :)

    Quiltbug, I am afraid that is what I get when I write recipes after my bedtime :) Thank you so much for catching that! I have fixed it in the recipe and I hope you enjoy. Much appreciated!!


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