Jul 31, 2010

hungarian scramble


I had Welsh Rarebit on my menu for today, but since Kate chose to make a Cheese Sauce for her baked potatoes, I decided there is such a thing as too much cheese. So, I made a Hungarian Scramble. Hungarian because they add paprika, onions, green peppers and sausage. I used a Tofurkey sausage (Whole Foods had them on sale this week.) and lots of nutritional yeast. The scramble turned out fluffy -as fluffy as tofu will ever get - and soft and moist. Don't forget to let your tofu steam (add a few tablespoons of water if you have to), covered to get this texture - that of eggs - and add some black salt. I found my receipt for an Indian market where I bought some a few months ago: $1.15 for a medium package. Cheap. 

We had some bagels so I gave making Korozott a try - a Hungarian spread made of cheese, onions and paprika. I used some grilled onions for the spread, a clove of garlic, 1/2 slab of soft tofu and a package of Tofutti cream cheese. This was something my dad would make every Sunday and my version is pretty close to it. Creamy,a  little spicy and the flavor of the paprika (Szeged brand) is nice and prominent. The kids loved it! I was surprised; as a kid this was not a favorite of mine - I thought it too bland. There are more and more benefits to this vegan thing.

Cost Breakdown:
bagels: $3
cream cheese: $2
tofu (scramble and spread): $4
pepper and onion: $2
Tofurkey: $3
spices: $1
Total for brunch for 8 people:

Jul 30, 2010

sin carne asada tacos

We had Mexican tonight.

'Carne Asada' translates to 'roased meat' and it tends to mean a BBQ, party, get-together, etc. The meat is usually marinated in a lime based marinade or rubbed with seasonings before being grilled.

I marinated my Firm Seitan, after slicing it thin on the diagonal, in a blend of garlic, lemon, orange, lime and olive oil. I let it sit in the marinade while I prepared the sides and the toppings. I made an ancho salsa with dried ancho peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and whatever was left of the marinade - not to worry, this is not meat so I can use my marinade however I wish.

I grilled the seitan slices on my grill, put them in a tortilla and topped it with my salsa. Some avocado, lettuce or nondairy sour cream would also be very appropriate.

Yum, Yum.

I LOVE Sin Carne Asada - smoky, flavorful, spicy (if you want it to be), juicy. Yum. Everyone loves this, and I love that.

Cost Breakdown:
seitan: $4
tortillas: $4
lemon, limes, orange: $3
garlic, cilantro, spices: $2
Total to feed 10 people: