Jun 4, 2018

easy baked vegan mac and cheese

Cat - age 4

The other day my oldest daughter and I were remembering back a few decades, when we first went vegan, when the most important thing to her was to re-create her beloved mac and cheese dish.

She and I began experimenting with what was available to us (nutritional yeast, red peppers, vegan cheese slices (you know, the waxy substance parading as cheese between two thin strips of plastic) and came up with a really simple recipe that has been lost these past decades.

Well, I dug it up from the recesses of the web and she and I fixed it up by

  • removing the oil and processed stuff, 
  • adding more flavor and 
  • making it easier to prepare - no roux or slurry. 

This is what we came up with. It is creamy and cheesy and really easy to make.

As an aside, she loves dill with mac and cheese, so it is an option in the recipe below.