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Vegan Bowls (AmazonB&N) is available at local and online stores that sell fine books. Below is the complete Table of Contents for Vegan Bowls.

Chapter 1. All About Bowl Foods

Chapter 2. Just In Case Basics

Easy Vegetable Broth | 10
Cashew Sour Cream | 10
Slow-simmered Seitan | 11
Chapatis | 12
Corn Tortillas | 13
Red Curry Paste | 14
Chipotle Purée | 14
Whole-wheat Parker House Rolls | 15
30-minute Brown Rice | 16
Perfect Quinoa | 17

Chapter 3. Grains.

Paella Bowl | 20  [rice, legumes, artichoke]
Roasted Zucchini and Mushroom Pilaf Bowl | 23  [quinoa, pasta, arugula]
Sólet Bowl | 24  [farro, legumes]
Southern Beans and Grits Bowl with Collards | 25  [polenta, legumes]
Sweet and Spicy Eggplant-Zucchini Bowl | 26  [rice, nuts]
Spicy Ginger Polenta Bowl with Bok Choy and Chickpeas | 29 [polenta, legumes]
Winter Risotto Bowl | 30 [rice, legumes, butternut]
Tex-mex Risotto Bowl | 31   [rice, legumes]
Freekeh Stir-fry Bowl with Broccoli and Shiitake | 32  [freekeh, mushrooms]
Thai Panang Curry Bowl | 35  [quinoa, coconut milk, red curry paste]
Seitan Gyro Bowl | 36  [seitan, quinoa]

Chapter 4. Sautéed.

Lentil Picadillo Bowl | 40  [legumes, farro, olives]
Kidney Bean Cottage Pie Bowl | 43   [legumes, potato]
Tempeh Paprikás | 44  [tempeh, pasta]
Sin Carne Guisada Bowl | 45  [jackfruit, legumes, rice]
Korean Bulgogi with Black Bean Ssamjang | 46  [mushroom, legumes, rice noodles]
Seitan Ossobuco Bowl | 48  [seitan, polenta]
Asopao de Non Pollo Bowl | 49  [rice, tempeh, legume, avocado, achiote seeds]
Holiday Bowl | 50   [mushroom, potato, nuts, dried cranberries]
Roman-style Tempeh Bowl with Kale and Apple Salad | 52  [tempeh, sweet potato]
Braised Greek Kabocha Squash Bowl | 54  [quinoa, kabocha, dill]
Enchilada Bowl with Pumpkin Cream Sauce | 55  [couscous, legumes, coconut milk]
Irish Stew Bowl | 56  [mushroom, farro, legumes]
Philly Cheesesteak Bowl | 58  [seitan, tater tots, pasta] **Substitute 1 tablespoon vegan Worcestershire sauce for tamarind and tamari in the au jus.
Chickpea Brasoi Bowl | 59  [legumes, potato]

Chapter 5. Pasta.

Veggie Lasagna Bowl | 62  [pasta, tofu, nuts]
Indonesian Stir-fried Noodle Bowl | 65  [noodles, legumes]
Mushroom Carbonara Bowl | 66  [mushroom, nuts, legumes, pasta]
Lemongrass Bok Choy and Tofu Bowl | 68  [tofu, pasta]
Braised Butternut Bowl with Sage and Chard | 70  [legumes, pasta]
Hungarian Lecsó Pasta Bowl with Seitan | 71  [seitan, pasta]
Puttanesca Bowl with Sautéed Kale | 72  [pasta, kale, olives]
Lemon-caper Cannellini Couscous Bowl l | 73  [couscous, legumes]
Reuben Mac and Cheese Bowl | 74  [tofu, nuts, pasta, sauerkraut]
Tex-mex Pasta Bowl with Pintos and Broccoli | 75  [pasta, legumes, masa harina]
Mushroom Larb with Rice Noodles | 77  [mushroom, nuts, noodles]
Wide Noodle and Collard Bowl with wild Mushroom Ragout | 78 [noodles, mushroom, fresh rosemary]
Spinach Pesto Pasta Bowl with Roasted Vegetables | 80  [nuts, pasta, legumes]
Mac and Cheese Bowl with Spinach and Garlic Bread Crumbs | 81 [nuts, pasta, butternut]

Chapter 6. Grilled.

Sausage-style Tofu Bowl with Squash and Potatoes | 84 [tofu, potato, butternut, Brussels sprouts]
Jerk Tofu Bowl with Coconut Rice | 86  [tofu, rice, asparagus, allspice berries, fresh bay leaves]
Chimichurri Grilled Zucchini-couscous Bowl | 89  [legumes, pearl couscous]
Jalapeño BBQ Tempeh Bowl Over Creamy Grits and Chard | 90  [tempeh, polenta]
Grilled Portobello Bowl Over Farro and Succotash | 93  [mushroom, farro, fresh rosemary]
Cajun Tofu and Artichoke Bowl | 94  [tofu, celeriac]
Sambal-glazed Tempeh Bowl | 95  [tempeh, rice, 5 spice powder, sambal oelek]
Lebanese Fatoush Bowl with Portobello Kebabs | 96 [mushroom, pita, vegan yogurt, pom molasses or sub]
Balsamic-glazed Seitan Bowl with Grilled Potato Salad | 98 [seitan, potato, orange juice]
Grilled Summer Vegetable Bowl with Farro and Corn Salad | 99  [legumes, farro]
Miso-cajun Grilled Sweet Potato Bowl | 101  [quinoa, sweet potato]
Tempeh Bowl with Fennel Sofrito and Sweet Potato Mofongo | 102  [tempeh, legumes, russet and sweet potato, fennel, achiote seeds]

Chapter 7. Salad.

Spinach Salad Bowl with Warm Pecan Dressing | 106 [quinoa, nuts, fennel]
Two-bean Salad Bowl with Pesto Dressing | 109 [quinoa, legumes, nuts]
Hearts of Palm Quinoa Bowl with Citrus-oregano Vinaigrette | 110 [quinoa, nuts, fresh oregano, hearts of palm]
Buffalo Chickpea Salad Bowl | 111  [legumes, bread]
Tapenade Panzanella Bowl | 112 [legumes, bread, olives]
Greek Quinoa Salad Bowl with Pickled Onions | 114  [quinoa, olives]
Chicken-free Goi Ga Bowl | 117 [tempeh, peanuts, fresh mint]
BLT Club Salad Bowl with Quick Croutons | 118 [legumes, bread]
Vegan Chef’s Salad Bowl | 119 [legumes, tofu]
Acorn Squash Salad Bowl with Horseradish Dressing | 120 [freekeh, fresh dill]
Hungarian Seitan Salad Bowl | 121  [seitan, potato]
Pad Prik King Tofu Salad Bowl | 122 [rice, tofu, curry paste]
Sizzling Southwestern Fajita Salad Bowl | 125 [legumes, tortilla chips]

Chapter 8. Soup.

Tortilla Soup Bowl | 128  [legumes, nuts, corn, fresh herbs]
Green and White Chili Bowl | 131  [legumes, hominy]
Chicken-free Noodle Soup Bowl | 132 [legumes, pasta]
Caldo Verde Bowl | 133 [legumes, potato]
Gumbo Bowl with Okra and Kidney Beans | 135 [legumes, rice, okra, dulse]
Pho Bowl with Seitan | 136  [seitan, rice noodles, fresh herbs]
Everyday Dal with Potato Cakes | 139 [legumes, potato, Indian spices]
Senate Bean Soup Bowl | 140 [legumes, potato]
Rhode Island Chowder Bowl | 141  [mushroom, potato, dulse]
Hearty Sambar Bowl | 142  [legumes, rice, Indian spices]
Hungarian Cauliflower Soup Bowl | 145 [freekeh]
Pepper Pot Soup Bowl with Spinner Dumplings | 146 [legume, coconut milk, hot pepper] 
Pasta e Fagioli Bowl | 147  [legume, pasta]

Chapter 9. Breakfast.

Sin Huevos Rancheros Bowl | 150 [legume, tofu, corn tortilla]
Cinnamon Toast Oatmeal Bowl | 153 [nuts, oats, dried apricot]
Chocolate-cherry Granola with Almonds | 154 [nuts, oats, dried cherries]
Creamed Chipped hash Bowl | 155 [tempeh, potato, bread]
Quinoa Breakfast Bowl | 156 [quinoa, nuts, orange, pear]
Figgy Porridge Bowl | 158 [nuts, polenta, dried figs]
Seitan-bacon Hash Bowl with Brussels Sprouts | 159 [seitan, potato, Brussels sprouts]
Grits and Tomato Gravy Bowl with Pan-roasted Corn | 160 [legume, polenta, fresh tomato]
Onion and Tomato Uttapam Bowl with Rice and Dal Pongal | 161 [legume, rice, oat, bread, yogurt, Indian spices]
Hungarian Breakfast Bowl | 163 [mushroom, tofu, bread]
Ful Medames Breakfast Bowl | 164 [legume, pita, radishes]
Congee Bowl with Tempeh and Scallions | 167 [rice, tempeh]

Chapter 10. Build your Own Bowls


  1. Hi Zsu,

    I bought a copy of your Vegan Bowls book and it looks great! I noticed that most recipes serve four. Do you have any general suggestions when cooking for 1-2 people? I am guessing that some recipes are more suitable for leftovers than others.

    Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.


    1. Hi Dan,

      Thank you so much for your support! Halving recipes should be a simple matter of halving the ingredients in most recipes, as they should not adversly affect the dish. If you have any specific questions about anything, please email me and I'll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Zsu@zsusveganpantry dot com.

  2. Hallo Zou, Your both books are amazing and helped me a lot as Vegan. Could you please create a Vegan book with or publish in your blog Low Carb / Keto Vegan recipes for those who for different reasons avoid carbs? It would be of a great help. All best Petros

    1. Hello Petros! Yes, I will add those types of recipes to my list. Thank you for the support and the suggestion! ~Zsu


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