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For those who could use some inspiration, our menu plan goes like this:

Breakfast is my easy breakfast sandwich - nothing fancy, it takes 12 minutes to prepare.

Someone cooks a Family Meal once a day: we alternatingly choose: soup, main, sandwich, pasta (except for main, which is okay back-to-back). We throw a special one in there at times, like a brunch meal.

Lunch is up to individuals (leftovers, simple sandwich, salad, brunch item, etc. - we are all grown-ups in the house.)

Sunday is burger day or veggie dog day. If the cook feels like adding a theme, more power to them (such as California Dog, Bruschetta Burger, etc.)

We are testing out Pizza Night on Fridays. It seems Pizza Night is here to stay. I've totally upped my pizza game and will be sharing Pizza 2.0 with you soon. Stay tuned. 

We prepare the menu bi-weekly.

EVE represents Everyday Vegan Eats , AF represents Aquafaba and VB represents Vegan Bowls

I will link to the recipe once they are posted to the blog, unless it is from a cookbook, mine or others. 


Week 19

5/2 SUN   Burger/Dog   burger/dog
5/3 MON  Butternut Pasta   VB    pasta    
5/4 TUE    Lentil Soup(coming)  soup
5/5 WED   Eggplant Parm Sub(coming)    sandwich
5/6 THU    Seitan Picatta    main
5/7 FRI    Pizza Night    main
5/8 SAT    Portobello with Chipotle Mash Vegan Planet main

Week 18

4/25 SUN   Burger/Dog   burger/dog
4/26 MON  Pepper and Bean Wet Burrito    main
4/27 TUE    Baked Bolognese(coming)    pasta
4/28 WED  Cream of Mushroom Soup    EVE    soup
4/29 THU   Pulled BBQ Hoagie(coming)    sandwich
4/30 FRI    Pizza Night    main
5/1    SAT    Chorizo Breakfast Skillet(coming) brunch

Week 17

Primavera Alfredo, Sloppy Burger, Hungarian Layered Potatoes
4/18 SUN   Sloppy Burger(coming)   burger/dog
4/19 MON    Primavera Alfredo    pasta    
4/20 TUE    Smoky Corn Chowder  Quick-Fix Vegan  soup
4/21 WED   Tonkatsu    Quick-Fix Vegan    sandwich

4/22    THU    Hungarian Layered Potatoes    main    
4/23 FRI    Pizza Night    main
4/24 SAT    Bolognese(coming) pasta

Week 16

Kettle Goulash, French Dip, Baingan Bharta
4/11 SUN   Burgers/Dog    burger/dog
4/12 MON   leftovers     
4/13 TUE    Banh-Mi Noodles Quick-Fix Vegan  pasta
4/14 WED   Kettle Goulash    soup
4/15 THU    French Dip     sandwich
4/16 FRI    Pizza Night    main
4/17 SAT    Baingan Bharta(coming) main

Week 15

Southwest Vegetable Soup, Cabbage Pasta, Fajita Burger
4/4 SUN   Fajita Burger, Burgers/Dog    burger/dog
4/5 MON   Cabbage Pasta(coming)    pasta     
4/6 TUE    Southwest Vegetable Soup    soup
4/7 WED   Curried Chicken-free Salad Sandwich    sandwich
4/8 THU     Paprikas    VB      main
4/9 FRI    Pizza Night    main
4/10 SAT    Bolognese(coming) pasta

Week 14

Hungarian Paprika Potato pasta, BBQ Pizza, Making Vegan Bacon
3/28   SUN   Burgers/Dog    burger/dog
3/29    MON  Hard Tacos    main    
3/30    TUE    Hungarian Paprika Potato Pasta    pasta
3/31    WED    New England Chowder   EVE    soup
4/1    THU    BLT    sandwich using my Making Vegan Bacon
4/2`   FRI    BBQ Pizza, Pizza Night    main
4/3    SAT  leftovers

Week 11

One-Pot Chili Mac, Sausage Butternut Squash Stew, Refrigerator Dough for Pizza
3/7 SUN   Burgers/Dog    burger/dog
3/8 MON   Tater Tot Casserole  EVE casserole     
3/9 TUE    One-Pot Chili Mac pasta
3/10 WED   Sausage Butternut Squash Stew    soup 
3/11 THU    Arroz non Pollo  EVE    main
3/12 FRI    Pizza Night    main, using Refrigerator Dough recipe
3/13 SAT    Chorizo Breakfast Skillet(coming) brunch

Week 10

Making Pizza Dough, Knoephla Dumpling Soup, Creamy Vodka Pasta
2/28 SUN    Burgers/Dogs    burger/dog
3/1 MON   Knoephla Dumpling Soup    soup
3/2 TUE    Tex-Mex Risotto VB    main
3/3 WED   Creamy Vodka Pasta  pasta
3/4 THU    Thom Kha Soup    EVE    soup 
3/5 FRI    Pizza Night    main, using Making Pizza Dough recipe
3/6 SAT    Stuffed French Toast  brunch 

Week 9

Baja Tacos, Dan Dan Noodles, Butter Seitan
2/21 SUN    Corn Dog    burger/dog
2/22 MON   California Club Sandwich   EVE    sandwich using my Making Vegan Bacon
2/23 TUE    Baja Tacos sandwich
2/24 WED   Baked Mac-n-Cheese  EVE casserole 
2/25 THU    Indian Butter Seitan    main 
2/26 FRI    Pizza Night    main
2/27 SAT      Dan Dan Noodles     pasta

Week 8

Shawarma Salad, Chick-N-Waffles, Greek Platter
2/14 SUN    Burgers/Dog    dog
2/15 MON   Tortilla Soup   VB    soup
2/16 TUE    Shawarma Salad  salad
2/17 WED   Tamales   sandwich 
2/18 THU    Greek Platter(coming) special  
2/19 FRI   Original BBQ Pizza    main
2/20 SAT   Chick-N-Waffles (take 2 - coming)    brunch

Week 7

Pot Pie Pizza, Nacho Burritos, Chicken-free Rice Soup
2/7 SUN    Burgers/Dog    dog
2/8 MON   Pot Pie Pizza    main
2/9 TUE    Chicken-free Rice Soup   soup
2/10 WED   Baja Tacos    sandwich 
2/11 THU    Trinidad Chickpea Potato Curry    main
2/12 FRI    Nachos Burrito beans    main
2/13 SAT    Caldo non Pollo    soup

Week 6

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Ratatouille Pasta, Texas-style Red Chili
1/31 SUN    Burgers/Dog    burger
2/1 MON   Chicago Deep Dish Pizza    main
2/2   TUE    Texas Red Chili(coming)    soup
2/3 WED   California Club    EVE  sandwich
2/4 THU    Ratatouille Pasta    pasta
2/5 FRI    Schnitzel  seitan   AF main
2/6 SAT    Chick-N-Waffles(coming)    breakfast sand

Week 5

1/24 SUN    Burgers/Dog    dog
1/25 MON   Simple Bolognese(coming)    pasta
1/26 TUE    Trinidad Chickpea Potato Curry    main
1/27 WED   Noodle Soup    EVE  soup
1/28 THU    Lo Mein    pasta
1/29 FRI    Picatta    seitan    main
1/30 SAT    Stuffed French Toast    breakfast sand

Week 4

Pot Roast Charcuterie, Maple-Dijon Seitan, Curried Chicken-free Salad

1/16 SAT    Pot Roast Charcuterie   seitan
1/17 SUN    Burgers/Dog    burger
1/18 MON   Stroganoff EVE pasta
1/19 TUE    Maple-Dijon Seitan with Rice Pilaf seitan main
1/20 WED    Spinach and Bean Enchiladas EVE  main
1/21 THU    Mexican Twice Baked Potato main
1/22 FRI    Curried Chicken-free Salad sand
1/23 SAT    Mexican Breakfast Burritos     beans     breakfast sand

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