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For those who could use some inspiration, our menu plan goes like this:

Breakfast is my easy breakfast sandwich - nothing fancy, it takes 12 minutes to prepare.

Someone cooks a Family Meal once a day: we alternatingly choose: soup, main, sandwich, pasta (except for main, which is okay back-to-back). We throw a special one in there at times, like a brunch meal.

Lunch is up to individuals (leftovers, simple sandwich, salad, brunch item, etc. - we are all grown-ups in the house.)

Sunday is burger day or veggie dog day. If the cook feels like adding a theme, more power to them (such as California Dog, Bruschetta Burger, etc.)

We are testing out Pizza Night on Fridays. Stay tuned. 

We prepare the menu bi-weekly.

EVE represents Everyday Vegan Eats , AF represents Aquafaba and VB represents Vegan Bowls

I will link to the recipe once they are posted to the blog, unless it is from a cookbook, mine or others. 


Week 11

2/21 SUN   Burgers/Dog    burger/dog
2/22 MON   Tater Tot Casserole  EVE casserole     
2/23 TUE    One-Pot Chili Mac pasta
2/24 WED   Sausage Butternut Squash Stew    soup 
2/25 THU    Arroz non Pollo  EVE    main
2/26 FRI    Pizza Night    main
2/27 SAT    Chorizo Breakfast Skillet(coming) brunch

Week 10

2/21 SUN    Burgers/Dogs    burger/dog
2/22 MON   Knoephla Dumpling Soup    soup
2/23 TUE    Tex-Mex Risotto VB    main
2/24 WED   Creamy Vodka Pasta  pasta
2/25 THU    Thom Kha Soup    EVE    soup 
2/26 FRI    Pizza Night    main
2/27 SAT    Stuffed French Toast(take 2 - coming)   brunch 

Week 9

2/21 SUN    Corn Dog    burger/dog
2/22 MON   California Club Sandwich   EVE    sandwich using my Making Vegan Bacon
2/23 TUE    Baja Tacos(take 2- coming)  sandwich
2/24 WED   Baked Mac-n-Cheese  EVE casserole 
2/25 THU    Indian Butter Seitan    main 
2/26 FRI    Pizza Night    main
2/27 SAT      Dan Dan Noodles     pasta

Week 8

Shawarma Salad, Chick-N-Waffles, Greek Platter

2/14 SUN    Burgers/Dog    dog
2/15 MON   Tortilla Soup   VB    soup
2/16 TUE    Shawarma Salad  salad
2/17 WED   Tamales   sandwich 
2/18 THU    Greek Platter(coming) special  
2/19 FRI   Original BBQ Pizza    main
2/20 SAT   Chick-N-Waffles (take 2 - coming)    brunch

Week 7

Pot Pie Pizza, Nacho Burritos, Chicken-free Rice Soup

2/7 SUN    Burgers/Dog    dog
2/8 MON   Pot Pie Pizza(coming)    main
2/9 TUE    Chicken-free Rice Soup   soup
2/10 WED   Baja Tacos(coming)    sandwich 
2/11 THU    Trinidad Chickpea Potato Curry(coming)    main
2/12 FRI    Nachos Burrito beans    main
2/13 SAT    Caldo non Pollo(coming)    soup

Week 6

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Ratatouille Pasta, Texas-style Red Chili

1/31 SUN    Burgers/Dog    burger
2/1 MON   Chicago Deep Dish Pizza    main
2/2   TUE    Texas Red Chili(coming)    soup
2/3 WED   California Club    EVE  sandwich
2/4 THU    Ratatouille Pasta(coming)    pasta
2/5 FRI    Schnitzel  seitan   AF main
2/6 SAT    Chick-N-Waffles(coming)    breakfast sand

Week 5

1/24 SUN    Burgers/Dog    dog
1/25 MON   Simple Bolognese(coming)    pasta
1/26 TUE    Trinidad Chickpea Potato Curry(coming)    main
1/27 WED   Noodle Soup    EVE  soup
1/28 THU    Lo Mein    pasta
1/29 FRI    Picatta    seitan    main
1/30 SAT    Stuffed French Toast(coming)    breakfast sand

Week 4

Pot Roast Charcuterie, Maple-Dijon Seitan, Curried Chicken-free Salad

1/16 SAT    Pot Roast Charcuterie   seitan
1/17 SUN    Burgers/Dog    burger
1/18 MON   Stroganoff EVE pasta
1/19 TUE    Maple-Dijon Seitan with Rice Pilaf(coming) seitan main
1/20 WED    Spinach and Bean Enchiladas EVE  main
1/21 THU    Mexican Twice Baked Potato(coming) main
1/22 FRI    Curried Chicken-free Salad sand
1/23 SAT    Mexican Breakfast Burritos     beans     breakfast sand

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