Jan 18, 2021

pot roast charcuterie



Seitan - prep 15 min, cook 3 hours
Roast - prep 15 min, cook 1 hour
Dishes: slow cooker, large roasting pot, oven

Hello, hello Dear Readers!

I am so excited to bring you this meal! At first, I thought it would be really difficult and time-consuming, but it turns out to be easy enough for a family-centered weekend meal. I offer you Pot Roast Charcuterie!

The roast is made with a spin on my Aquafaba cookbook pulled-seitan recipe and it is perfect for a pot roast style meal. The seitan falls apart as is expected, because it is laced with smashed chickpeas. Not to worry, though, because the chickpeas are so inconspicuous that when I told my diners that it had chickpeas, they were quite surprised.

The roast takes 3 hours to cook, but only 15 minutes to prepare, including kneading (use a bread machine or stand mixer, if you want to). If doing it by hand, less than 10 minutes. 

After browning the onions and potatoes, a simple roux is prepared and the gravy's base is created. Add the roast, return the vegetables to the pan and roast for 1 hour. 

How you present it is up to you - you can serve it like a regular pot roast or you can go one step further and present it as a charcuterie plate. I highly recommend the later, especially if you have an extra 5 minutes to spend on presentation. Adding some pickles, whipping up the horseradish crema and slicing some bread is not hard at all and makes a lot of difference. 

It brought my family to the table, where we gathered around the tray and not only enjoyed the pot roast, which was really delicious, but each other's company as well. 


Speedy Cooking Tips:

  • Make the roast the day before. It is best cooled before prepared as a pot roast.
  • Heat your pan high heat. Pan fry the onion and carrot while you chop the potatoes.
  • Pan fry the potatoes while you gather the broth and flour.
  • Use a sturdy wooden spatula to remove all the brown bits at the bottom of the pan after you add 1 cup of the broth.
  • Prepare the horseradish sauce, the tray and the pickles while the roast bakes.
  • Add the roast to the tray first and then surround with the other ingredients.
  • Serve family style.   

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Pot Roast Charcuterie


Makes 4 servings 


Preheat oven to 350-F.

1. Vegetables: Add the oil to a large, oven safe pot over high heat. Add the onion and carrot and brown. Remove to a plate. Add the potatoes and brown. Remove to the plate.         

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 small onions, quartered

4 medium carrots

4 medium potatoes, quartered 

2. Roux: Add the flour to the pot. Stir well with a wooden spoon, scraping the bottom to loosen any browned bits. Add 1 cup of the broth, stir well to avoid loops. Add the rest of the broth, tamari, thyme and Rosemary. Stir well. Bring to simmer. Remove from heat. 

2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

3 cups vegetable broth

1 tablespoon tamari 

1 teaspoon fresh or dried thyme

1 teaspoon fresh or dried Rosemary

3. Pot Roast: Add the seitan and reserved Vegetables to the Roux. Transfer to the oven and cook for 1 hour.   

1 Pulled Seitan Roast

4. Cream: Mix the sour cream, horseradish and sugar. Serve the stew in bowls, add a dollop of Cream and add fresh ground pepper.  

1/2 cup nondairy sour cream

2 teaspoons prepared horseradish

1/2 teaspoon sugar   

5. Serve: Serve the  Pot Roast with the Cream on the side or prepare as charcuterie by arranging the Pot Roast in the middle of a tray, with the Vegetables around it. Add slices of bread, pickles, radishes, the gravy and the Cream.   

Slices of bread

Dill and/or sweet pickles

Sliced Radishes 

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