Aug 8, 2020

nacho burritos


Time: 45 minutes
Dishes: rice cooker, medium pot, blender, measuring cup

Heads Up! canned tomatoes with chiles and jarred roasted red pepper

Hello, hello Dear Readers!

Quite shockingly, this is a very easy meatless, vegetarian, and vegan meal to prepare, but that rice takes a long time to cook! You can even cook the rice the night before and heat in the microwave to make this meal take about 20 minutes to prepare the day of. 

This meal is like having a nacho tucked inside a burrito, to save yourself the mess and the time it takes to prepare nachos, which can take forever even though they are considered appertizer food. 

A note about the jarred roasted red pepper: they can mold fast and this recipe only uses a few tablespoons. I portion the remainder of the peppers, drained, into ice cube trays. About 2 or 3 tablespoons per slot. Freeze it and once frozen add the cubes to a container to stash in the freezer. To thaw, soak in a 1/2 cup of water for a few minutes. 

Long story short, these are delicious! The cheese sauce was the hardest part of this recipe to devise because I wanted to make it fast and easy to prepare, without a lot of added fat. I did add some vegan cheese to the sauce, but if you are a great fan of the flavor of nutritional yeast, you can get away with adding 1/2 teaspoon of mild vinegar in lieu of the vegan cheese. I liked it with the cheese, truth be told, so I do recommend it that way. It doesn't take a lot, but the flavor goes a long way.


Speedy Cooking Tips:

  • The rice will absolutely take the longest. Start there.
  • Prepare the sauce in the blender and add to the pot. Add the rest of the sauce ingredients, but wait to cook.
  • Chop the toppings.
  • Cook the sauce when the rice is done (to allow rice to steam) or (if you're in a hurry), cook the sauce when the rice is 5 minutes out from being ready.

Nacho Burritos

Makes 4 servings 


1. Rice: Cook the rice in a rice cooker, or as desired, with the spices.

1 cup brown rice

1 1/4 cup water

1/2 teaspoon Mrs. Dash or adobo, or etc.

1/2 teaspoon salt (if using salt-free seasoning)

2. Cheese Sauce: Combine the ingredients in a blender. Blend until very smooth.

1 cup mashed tofu, regular or silken

3/4 cups unsweetened dairy-free milk

2 tablespoons jarred roasted red pepper

2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

4 teaspoons cornstarch

1 teaspoon salt

3. Add the Cheese Sauce to a medium pot. Stir in the beans, tomatoes and cheese. Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously, until the cheese melts and sauce thickens. Keep warm.

1 (15-ounce) can black beans, rinsed and drained

1/2 cup canned diced tomatoes with chiles (like Rotel), drained

2 slices or 1/2 cup shredded yellow vegan cheese

4. Assemble: Warm a tortilla over a burner. Add Rice, top with layer of tortilla chips, add lots of Cheese Sauce, add toppings as desired and roll:

4 burrito-sized tortillas

tortilla chips

lettuce, shredded

green onions, minced

fresh or pickled jalapenos

tomatoes, diced

olives, sliced

avocado, chopped

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  1. I think I'd just like to take a jug of that cheesy bean sauce and drink it! What sort of tofu do you use? Silken or firm?

    1. Now that is a compliment! :D

      I use regularly packaged tofu (not like the shelf-stable Muir Glen kind). Normally, I use firm because it is the most versatile (versus, medium firm, extra firm, etc), I've found. However, this one can use any kind - should work whether silken (Japanese type) or regular fresh tofu. If I write "regular tofu" in the recipe, would that be clear or more confusing?

    2. I think regular makes it clear, or maybe regular or silken if it doesn't matter either way. I'll probably use silken myself when I get around to it, because our firm tofu here tends to be pretty extra firm.

    3. Fantastic! Thank you, Susan. I have updated the recipe and will keep the tofu specs in mind. I appreciate it!

  2. I made this the other night, though I left out the wraps and served it as a bowl (to maximise the amount of sauce I could consume) and it was so delicious! For the sauce I used a 297g block of silken tofu, and I used a 1/2 tsp of smoked paprika instead of the capsicum. My bad of Daiya cheddar shreds had closer to 3/4c left in it, so I just threw it all in. And I also used 1/2 cup of chopped tomato rather than tinned tomato and chili (which isn't a thing here and also no chili for me). It was SO GOOD! Served over the brown rice and topped with fun things and some tortilla chips. Yum yum yum!

    1. oh, excellent!! Thank you for posting your results! Wonderful subs, too! I know of your spice-avoidance, so good call all around.


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