Sep 1, 2010


It is back to (home)school!

I have the kids doing a domestic class this year, sewing, fiber work (knitting, etc.), gardening, cooking, baking and house management. I have a list of items they need to cook and bake to pass this 'course' and Cat was the first inductee in the Domestic Arts. She chose to bake scones for her first assignment.

Part of the cooking assignment is to clean up after yourself, which my daughter will find most challenging.

Her scones are delightful, though! Next time she wants to add more flavors to it: vanilla, cinnamon, maple, etc.

Cost Breakdown:
whole wheat flour: $1
Earth Balance: $.25
sugar: $.25
Total to make 6 scones:

ethiopian groundnut wat

African Night

I made a great African stew today, complete with sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower, cardamom, clove and peanuts. I served it over millet and quinoa that I cooked together and with an arugula salad that I lightly dressed with fresh lemon juice and homemade pickled onions. The pickled onions are raw since I did not blanch them or cook the brine.

The sweet stew over the nutty grains with the crisp, bitter greens and the vinegary onions were an awesome combination. The flavors complement each other very well.

Cost Breakdown:
sweet potato: $1
cauliflower: $1
lentil: $.75
onion, garlic, carrot: $2
peanut butter: $.50
arugula: $1
quinoa, millet: $1
Total to feed 6 people: