Sep 15, 2013

food trucks! bbq beet sliders

Another truck will be eliminated tonight on the Great Food Truck Race on the Food network. Unfortunately, last week I remade the Bold and Beautiful food truck, and they went home. Coincidence, I hope!

Good luck to these guys, who make, you guessed it, sliders. Their truck, The Slide Show, features unique, gourmet sliders. Each order comes with 2 sliders and a side of truffled fries. Which, to me, means that they added truffle oil to their french fries. 

Those who are fans of The Next Food Network Star might remember Das, the leader of The Slide Show, as a former contestant from Season 6.  Das was a high school culinary teacher. After his foray on the NFNS, he was all set to open a restaurant. Alas, his venture partner bailed, seemingly with all the money, leaving him in debt. 

Mo, Das and Ahren
Even if Das and his truck take the long road back to LA after tonight, I have a feeling that the Food Network will welcome him back on yet another show. He's charismatic and seems to be a good cook. And even if THAT isn't the case, he can still open a food truck, just not the exact one he drives on the show. 

Now all Das needs to do is recognize the need for some vegan sliders.

So, Das, here is my idea:

Beet Sliders. On the show last week he made Buffalo Sliders with barbecue sauce and fried onion straws on slider buns. I propose he use beets. Many chefs have successfully subbed the "t" for the "f" and consequently prepared beets instead of beefs. 

Cooking the beets in a flavorful, beefed-up broth and then searing the slices in a skillet, gives them an amped-up taste and mouth-feel. Not difficult or out-of-this-world unique, but it makes all the difference to the animals and those who care about them.

Just in case Das doesn't hear the plea, or you can't wait, make these sliders yourself. You can use your own BBQ sauce and grab a package of French's Fried Onions or home-make both -- up to you and the time you have. Grab some napkins, though, you'll need 'em!


  1. What a great way to incorporate Beets! I bought my first one in a LONG time this past weekend at our Farmers Market - I will be making either a Juice, Smoothie, or Soup with it this week!

    1. I hope you make something fabulous with it! Yum!

  2. that sucks that the restaurant backer skipped town with the dough bad pun intended.
    Your idea of a beet slider makes me happy and I would give it a whirl. Beets are pretty too.

  3. Oh but these look so so yummy!
    On the meal plan for the weekend.
    Thank you!


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