Mar 12, 2014

"everyday vegan eats" announcement

I have been delaying the actual announcement of my cookbook since I still can't believe it is real (pinch me!) coupled with the tons of work I was still doing for it up until yesterday. I think I'm done with the publishing side of it, so I can freely announce that it is coming to a store or web near you on May 6th.


Everyday Vegan Eats, published by Vegan Heritage Press, is full of recipes for everyday meals for everyday people just like you. The recipes have been developed from meals that my family has loved (not just liked, mind you!) and requested over and over again. Many recipes on this blog were the first step in my sharing the love with everyone, but having them published takes them to a whole new level.

It means that the recipes were tested, fixed and perfected. It means that the recipes were improved, rewritten and reworked. It means that I had to learn HOW to write a recipe. I THOUGHT I had a pretty good grasp on it, but you will notice if you head to the RECIPES tab, that I am now going through the hundreds of recipes on this blog and rewriting them so that they too are up to par!

Things go smoothly in my kitchen, I suppose because I know how the recipes should taste and how they work, but they also had to work equally well in someone else's kitchen with someone else's hands. That is how we approached the dishes: everyday success in every kitchen.

Some of my family's favorite meals featured in EVE are:

... because ALL teenagers need their mac n' cheese fix...

... from a can you can STILL get smooth and silky hummus. The secret is in the book!


The book is literally full of photos so there will be a lot more to come in the future! I will also be hosting more giveaways (look for Robin's new books Vegan Planet and More Quick Fix Vegan as well as Tami and Celine's Vegan Finger Foods).

Follow along! The many ways are on the right side of the blog!


  1. Zsu, your cookbook looks AMAZING! You must be incredibly proud! Looking forward to grabbing a copy. :-)

    That said, I restrict my fat intake to help with breast pain (makes a huge difference for me), so I was wondering--are some of these recipes low fat (or can they be adapted)? I sure hope so, because I'm drooling on my keyboard over here!

    1. Hi Lee,

      Yes, the book is very exciting and I am extremely happy with it, thank you!

      As far as the fat content in the book goes, it is moderate. I'd say the average is 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil per recipe, with vegan mayo and vegan cream cheese being called for in some recipes. The baked goods (for the most part) are like regular recipes (meaning they have moderate fat) with applesauce and banana replacing some of the fat in certain recipes.

      This is more of a comfort-food cookbook and not in the vein of Eat to Live or Forks Over Knives (that will be the next book ;). While most of the recipes can be adapted, and while I would LOVE you to get a copy, I would hate for you to be disappointing.

      My recommendation is to try some of the recipes that will be posted here as soon as my publisher gives the green light, and see if it fits your needs. Thank you, Lee! I'm looking forward to checking more of YOUR recipes out!


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