daily dose of art

Last week I teamed up with Paulina Costancia of Daily Dose of Art for a week-long feature of sauces. I made the last round of sauces, inspired by Tex-Mex flavors, to round off her weekly series.

Check out the other sauces from bloggers around the web who participated.

Saucery 1: Raw Food Center, raw sauces
Saucery 2: Ananda Marga Wellness Center
Saucery 3: Greendot, Wakame Vinaigrette
Saucery 4: Little Boy Blue Vegetarian House, Filipino Style Chili Sauce


  1. Nice! Your pictures are always so awesome. Your food is gorgeous =)

  2. Oh YUM! Great eats and Great pics :) LOVE those lil bowls! I'd love to get involved with more themed blogging things with other vegans. What do you suggest!?