Oct 12, 2016

aquafaba round up

Since my new cookbook Aquafaba [AmazonB&NBook Depositoryis out, there have been a few shares of recipes on the blog tour. Since we are mid-month I wanted to call attention to the places where these recipes are being shared.

Note that the first two are currently running giveaways for the book, so head there first!

Also, please note that this book uses oils, coconut oil, nuts, soy, gluten, and sugar.

Vegan Good Things shares the Chile Relleno Quiche recipe, which is eerily like eggs, so be warned. Leinana is also giving away a copy (ends October 16, 2016):

It is also one of the more challenging of the recipes since you have to have a good grasp on making vegan meringue. To that end, here is my video on how to whip aquafaba into perfect peaks:

Of course, knowing how to make stiff peaks will help you in making these Meringue Cookies, which Dianne's Vegan Kitchen shares (giveaway in progress: ends October 18, 2016)

And it will also help in making these Chewy Fudge Brownies, as shared by the Vegan Mos. These brownies have that crackly top that is so cherished! Here is a video on detailing that process:

If you want to start easy and simple, get my recipe for Latkes from Robin Robertson's site:

or make the Italian Dressing that is featured on Cake Maker to the Stars. This one has an accompanying video as well, because it is an emulsification:

And finally, in case you need a breakfast or a treat, Fran Costigan shares my Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin recipe:

Huge thank you to all the bloggers who are sharing their reviews of Aquafaba and for all the recipe shares and giveaways hosted. Hugs to all!

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