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Sep 30, 2016

september wrap up

No doubt about it, Fall is here. Well, according to the calendar, anyway; in San Diego it is hot as dirt - hitting into the 100-degree by the beach. I don't think it got that hot the whole of summer, but sure enough, as soon as Autumn hits... as my friend Susan would say, quit the whining already! She's probably just grumpy because she has a whole mess of snow to look forward to in Idaho.

It is the last day of September! I know, already. And it is time to see what mischief I was up to all this month. As you may know, my new cookbook, Aquafaba [Amazon, B&N, Book Depository], will be releasing in a few short days and I've been busy making videos detailing some aquafaba recipes.

If you haven't seen my videos, yet, head over to my YouTube channel.

This month was mainly about getting in the mood for fall and getting ready for Halloween. I offered you treats for both kids and adults, using aquafaba as an amazing ingredient. Chocolate sugar cookies turned into skeletons and caramel apples flipped into cupcakes - why not?

That doesn't mean that healthy food was off the table. Far from it! I even made a few Pantry+ recipes and made sure that whole foods plant-based recipes were also featured.

1. Bean Boulangerie started off the month. It is French potato gratin that is baked until the potatoes melt in your mouth and the top develops a crispy, golden brown crust. Serve it with a salad and dinner is complete. This is a Pantry+ recipe, using only 5 pantry and 6 fresh ingredients, including the salad.

2. Pumpkin Waffles with Cider-Maple Syrup was my first recipe using aquafaba that isn't in my new cookbook. It is a holiday original, complete with a video. Aquafaba makes this extra crisp and fluffy.

3. Caesar Kale Chips are made with a wet marinade and they still come out crispy and crunchy. This is a perfect take on the standard kale chips. So, so good!

4. Katsu Banh Mi was an instant hit in the house! I had just procured my air-fryer (a refurbished model that I snagged for half the price from Seattle Coffee Gear company [of all places] - thank you in2insight and Becky Striepe!) and was able to make this crusted tofu without oil-frying it. And that was just the beginning of the good news with this sandwich.

5. Refrigerator Dough is a must make and have in the fridge at all times. Because it last for up to 7 days, can be frozen and makes a ton of different breads, there is all the reason in the world to have this convenient dough prepped and waiting.

6. Green Pea Toast with Cayenne Caramelized Onion. Because green peas are readily available in the freezer section all winter long, these toasts are a wonderful way to beat the winter blues and bring some sunshine into the short days of the season. This is a whole foods plant-based recipe, if you opt for whole grain bread.

7. Late Summer Burger Salad reminded us that the summer veggies are about to go bust until next year. Round up those last stray summer veggies and whip up a batch of these delicious mini burgers. The salad is a bonus. This is a Pantry+ recipe that is also whole foods plant-based, if the burgers are baked.

8. Caramel Apple Cupcakes is an aquafaba recipe (with a video tutorial on the making of caramel) and they are rich and moist and screaming of apples and fall. Must make for your holiday table or an afternoon treat before the apples are gone again.

9. The Southern Hot Mess was my take on a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives featured recipe. Out with the cruelty and in with the chickpeas and compassion. These really look a mess, but it is a truly delicious mess. This is a Pantry+ recipe, too!

10. Bulgogi Spring Rolls were a definite favorite! I love spring rolls because they are easy to make (once you get the hang of it) and easy to transport. Great for lunchboxes, but what was truly great about these rolls is that they are very different from your ordinary spring rolls. These are also whole foods plant-based approved, if you use whole grain wrappers and noodles. (Yes, the brown rice wrappers are a reality!)

11. Chocolate Sugar Cookies is an aquafaba recipe. These adorable cookies are a great way to celebrate Halloween. Use cookie cutters to shape them and icing to draw on skeletons. Cute enough to eat.

12. Roasted Garlic Pizza was definitely a favorite and I was crushing on garlic big time. Check out #minimofo for more info on the "crushing" part. This pizza features garlic everywhere! In the tomato sauce, in the toppings and in the cheesy-sauce.

I had a really delicious month of food! I hope you will get to try some of these and maybe find a new favorite. Until next month!

Aug 31, 2016

august wrap up

It's hard to believe that August is coming to an end and September is literally just around the corner. It is equally hard to believe that I blogged all month, offered 9 new recipes, and finished my first tutorial video about aquafaba.

In that light, I think a recap of the month is in order, just in case you missed something. It's also nice to see a wrap up of a fun-filled month of goodies.

This month, I introduced you to a new way of cooking dinner: Pantry+

Pantry+ is where I offer you a recipe that consists of around 10 ingredients, about half of which are from a limited pantry and the other half are fresh or non-pantry ingredients. By virtue of the ingredients list, the recipes lend themselves to being quick and easy --- with a little foresight on my part to ensure that they actually are Q&E.

Other recipes I shared this month are some comfort food recipes from around the world and the US, including a healthy dip, a stew and a few sandwiches.

1. Blackened Moroccan Chickpea Patties were my first Pantry+ offering and they are easy to put together and have that Moroccan flare with the help of Ras el Hanout spice mixture.

2. Zucchini Satay with Spicy Lime Sauce and Quinoa was another Pantry+ recipe. It is another complete meal with limited ingredients and unlimited flavor. If you haven't made it, yet, don't delay. Summer squash is almost gone.

3. Classic Philly Roast Sandwich introduced you to Philadelphia's other famous sandwich, but made it much better because it is all plant-based. Seriously, this is a great sandwich!

4. Sriracha, homemade, fresh and plastic free. Very easy to make, although it takes a few days to ferment, this healthier sriracha is a must make, especially if you want to play with the spice level of this extremely popular hot sauce.

5. Caprese Sandwich is another Pantry+ recipe and it is one I was very excited to share. Caprese salad was always one of my favorites and this one does justice to the sandwich and the cows.

6. Roasted Cauliflower in Coconut Curry is another Pantry+ recipe. It is an aromatic, delicious curry made possible with the addition of garam masala, an Indian spice mixture.

7. Arrabiata Mostaccioli is a comfort classic for sure. Make sure to use some wonderful vegan cheese that melts well for the full "baked" experience. Even if you don't go for the cheesiness, the rich sauce is well-worth the effort.

8. Lentil-pepita Pate is easily a Pantry+ recipe, but because it isn't a complete meal I decided not to call it that. This is, however, a decadent pate that is healthy, protein-rich and so delicious slathered on crackers, vegetables or added to sandwiches.

9. Red Pozole is a classic Mexican stew that is served at parties because it can sit and simmer for hours and only get better. It is also better reheated, so, again, a great party dish. It is completely customizable with the various toppings and very delicious.

I do have to say that the surprise recipe of the month was the Roasted Cauliflower in Coconut Curry (#6). It was not just easy to make but even though it only had the inclusion of one spice mixture, the curry was flavorful and rich. My husband and I kept going back for seconds, it was that good.

Next month brings us the end of summer and the beginning of autumn so expect to see dwindling summer vegetables, an increase in autumn flavors and spices and some aquafaba recipes, as my new cookbook Aquafaba is less than 5 weeks from releasing. Lots of excitement (and cinnamon and nutmeg) in the air!