Jun 12, 2010

corned seitan hash

I always have some seitan in the freezer - easy to do because when I make a batch, almost 1/3 does not get used in the recipe so into the freezer it goes. I got up this morning and put a bag of frozen saitan in a bowl of warm water. It was defrosted in about a half hour. Of course, you can use tofu, soy sausage, or a vegetable instead of the seitan. (We like to vary our diet and not have any one, soy or seitan, more than a few times a week.) I used raw potatoes, so there was no need to have them pre-baked and cooled. For the 'corned' part, I added ground pickling spice to the seitan when I sauteed it. I think it took about 20 minutes to make today's brunch. Oh, and the toast and jelly...a must.

Cost Breakdown:
seitan: $1
potatoes: $1.50
onion: $.50
toast and jelly: $2
broccoli: $3
Total to feed a family of 5:

Jun 11, 2010

filet of tofu

There are deep dark secrets in my life. One of them is my past fondness for filet of sole, fried, with tartar sauce. Of course, times change and people do, too. I have now found that Filet of Tofu is so much nicer to eat. Better for me, better for the fish. The kids totally love this sandwich. Mikel chose it has his meal for the week and prepared us this savory feast that turned out just as great as when we first made it many years ago. The tofu is baked, not fried and the tartar sauce is homemade.

Cost Breakdown:

tofu: $2buns: $3Vegenaise, lemon, pickle, onion: $2 (with leftovers)lettuce, tomato, spinach, squash (side dish): $4

Total for 5 sandwiches and side dish:$11.00