Dec 28, 2011

march of the grenadiers

Catt's birthday week menu reaps a bounty of potato and pasta dishes it seems. Tonight's meal, March of the Grenadiers, was one, except it magically incorporates both potato and pasta. It also happens to be one of her favorite dishes. 

This is a classic Hungarian dish using Paprika Potatoes as the base. It is mashed with a light hand and mixed with cooked pasta, after which it is fried in a little oil to make crisp some of the potatoes and some of the pasta. It is creamy and crunchy all at the same time.

The Paprika Potatoes are an easy and quick dish to prepare and is delicious all on its own with the creamy potatoes in a rich sauce. You could stop right there. But, if you wanted to take it to the next level of decadence, this is where you would end up. 
The picture does not do the flavors justice. 

Cost Breakdown:

potatoes: $3
pasta: $2
onion, pepper, tomato: $1
spices, oil: $1
Total to make 6 servings:


  1. Two of my favorite starches, together in one dish! Wow.
    Just looking at the picture had my love handles in giggles. :)
    This is so going to be made as soon as I work off some of the holiday extra padding.


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