Oct 17, 2012

VSSD, PPK cookbook challenge


As everyone knows,  Vegan Sandwiches Saves the Day! is up for this week in the PPK's Cookbook Challenge. So, if you have the book (and if you don't, get over to Celine's or Tami's blog to check out some of the recipes.) head over to PPK and post your review.

Since I have the book, I definitely needed to make something. Since it is David's birthday this week, he got to pick the recipes, and because he chose to honor another husband, he  picked the Jimwich (Tami's husband, for whom the sandwich is named) AND because he chose the sandwich named after our feline companion, here is my first gratuitous photo of Jimmy, taken by Kate, the youngest, and a budding photographer:


A string of coincidences led from a great sandwich to a cute kittie, although in the pic above he seems to have world domination on his mind.

David has had the sandwich before, so he knew what he was doing when he asked for it. As he was finishing up the Jimwich, wiping his mug and hands profusely, while deeply sighing contentedly, he whispered, 
"The best sandwiches are the messiest ones."

Not that the sandwich is that particularly messy, he just happens to be particularly persnickety.

Thanks, ladies!

Oh! And check back here next week, as Vegan Sandwiches Saves Day! Blog Tour comes to Weekly Vegan Menu. ... and you know what that means! If not, be back to find out.


  1. We always love the messy sandwiches, too! As you know!

    Kitty photos are never gratuitous! Kate's photo is very telling about Jimmy....

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