Feb 1, 2021

making easy simple seitan loaf

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This seitan recipe is definitely where you should begin with your seitan skills. It is simple, easy and very delicious. It does not have the unique seitan flavor that comes with over cooking, so it can adapt to the recipe you put it into much better than other recipes I've seen. 

The ingredients list is simple and the instructions are straightforward, but it is still tender and very tasty. This seitan is more neutral in flavor and therefore can be used in a variety of recipes. 

There is nothing odd or particular about this recipe and you can make it by hand or pop it into a bread machine or food processor (use the plastic blade).  

Most of my dishes that need seitan use this recipe (like Kettle Goulash , French Dip or Picatta), unless I need something stronger flavored or need a different texture, like the Pulled Seitan for my Pot Roast Charcuterie.  

There is a definite strategy for keeping the odd seitan flavor down - don't raise the temperature of the cooking liquid above boiling. If you do, the seitan has a strong, odd flavor. That means, no steaming it, either, because steam is hotter than boiling water.

Make sure you use vital wheat gluten like this one HERE, otherwise you will not make seitan, but perhaps bread. That is the brand I buy when I am out, otherwise, I order a 25 pound bag from Azure Standard, who deliver to most places monthly. 

When you measure your gluten flour, stir it before measuring or sprinkle it into the measuring cup. That way the flour is not packed. If you just scoop, you can over measure by as much as a half a cup! That will lead to dense, rubbery seitan.

Get your fingers a little messy and make seitan - it tastes better, with a better texture and better price than buying seitan in little packages. 

Below is the step by step.



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Making Easy Simple Seitan

Makes 1 loaf or 8 cutlets; doubles easily 


1. Broth mixture: Add the ingredients to an instant pot and  bring to boil on the saute setting, or bring to boil in a pot on the stove and transfer to a slow cooker. 

4 to 6  cups water

1 tablespoon tamari 

1 bay leaf

2. Liquid mixture: Add the ingredients to a measuring cup and mix:

1 cup water

1 tablespoon olive oil

3. Flour mixture: Add the ingredients to a medium bowl and mix:

1 1/4 cup vital wheat gluten (stir flour before measuring)

2 tablespoons chickpea flour

2 tablespoons Easy Savory Broth Mix

2 tablespoons nutritional yeast flakes

3/4 teaspoon salt

4. Knead: Mix the Liquid mixture into the Flour mixture and knead for 3 to 5 minutes to develop the gluten.  Either form into a loaf about 1.5 inches thick or slice into 8 pieces and roll as thin as you like (1/4 -inch thickness is ideal for cutlets).

5. Cook: add the loaf or the cutlets to the simmering Broth mixture and reduce the temperature to barely simmering. In a slow cooker, cook on medium to high, covered.  Cook for 45 to 60 minutes, until firm to the touch. Cool before using. Freezes well. Keep in the fridge in the broth for up to 1 week.  

NOTE: If cooking on the stove top make sure not to boil the broth while cooking the seitan or the seitan will have a unique flavor. Keeping the cooking below boiling keeps this unique flavor to a minimum.

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