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Jul 23, 2010

roasted beets on crostini

Hike Day

We were supposed to have a picnic, but the weather was only cooperating for the hike. Although we went home to eat, this certainly can be picnic fare or even a lovely appetizer or lite meal.

I roasted some beets, and sauteed some minced onions in balsamic vinegar. This softened the onions, reduced the vinegar to a sweet syrup and got rid of the extra acid. I made a dressing for the beets with Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, smidge of agave, the onions, the reduced balsamic, a dash of dill weed and salt 'n pepper.

The 'feta' I had left over from a few weeks ago. It kept really well, covered with oil, very much like sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil. I mashed it up, added a crushed-to-smithereens garlic and seasoned it with salt, pepper and dill, echoing the beets. For good measure, I topped it with some of those beautiful sprouts. They reflected the earthiness of the beets magnificently.

Slapped 'em on some toasted bread - crostini - and we were all set. 

 Uncommonly good.

Cost Breakdown:
beets: $2
bread: $3
feta: $2
onion, dill, olive oil, Dijon, balsamic: $2
Total to make a bunch of these (20?):

Jul 9, 2010

greek wrap with kalamata and feta


We went to the beach today and brought this tasty, easy and quick to make wrap. It has broccoli slaw in it because I was trying to find a way to get Cat to eat broccoli - this worked! In fact, she didn't know it was broccoli until after I told her. She blamed her ignorance on hunger. It also contains a spread of homemade feta - which I made a few weeks ago, it needs some time to brine - and kalamata olives. A few slices of tomatoes and strips of roasted peppers rounded out this wrap. Very Greek. 

Cost Breakdown:
tortillas: $3
olives: $2
feta: $1
tomatoes and peppers: $2
broccoli slaw: $3
Total to make 7 wraps: