Jul 9, 2010

greek wrap with kalamata and feta


We went to the beach today and brought this tasty, easy and quick to make wrap. It has broccoli slaw in it because I was trying to find a way to get Cat to eat broccoli - this worked! In fact, she didn't know it was broccoli until after I told her. She blamed her ignorance on hunger. It also contains a spread of homemade feta - which I made a few weeks ago, it needs some time to brine - and kalamata olives. A few slices of tomatoes and strips of roasted peppers rounded out this wrap. Very Greek. 

Cost Breakdown:
tortillas: $3
olives: $2
feta: $1
tomatoes and peppers: $2
broccoli slaw: $3
Total to make 7 wraps:


  1. What kind of tortilla do you use? I can never make my wraps look as pretty as yours

  2. Hey, Jacklyn! I used red chile tortillas from Whole Foods, but I also got some regular flour ones for the less-spicy lovers in the family.

    Spread your spread not too thin, but not too thick on the tortilla. Put toppings on evenly, again not too thick. Firmly grasp one end, fold 1/5 over and roll with a firm grip (you can even use a knife to hold the fillings on the tortilla while you wrap to keep the filling inside.) At the end of the roll, make sure you have some spread to act as the glue to hold the tortilla together. I let these chill on the table for a few minutes before I cut them - to let them set a bit.

  3. Thank you for the advice. Yeah, I think my problem is I put too much filling. Never thought of using spread as glue. Thank you again!

  4. From what did you make your homemade feta?? Im very curious about that.

  5. Yikes, JillyAn! I am sorry to report that I use tofu and *agar*, a seaweed, I'm afraid. I've been trying to think of what could be a substitue, but the only things I can think of are sea-based. Irish moss, another one. Do you know of something besides gelatin that you would not be allergic to?

  6. Hmm...not really. My friend and I had this dilema once trying to create some vegan gummy bears for her son who also allergic to "ocean things". We bought the little gummy bear candy moulds and we make all kinds of gloppy messes. Actually the closest thing we finally got was apple pectin. Granted, this was for gummy bears...no sure how well that would translate to feta cheese...LOL


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