Jul 7, 2010

blt club

Kate was making lunch today.
BLTs are another family favorite; the smokiness, the saltiness and crispiness of the tofu bacon we make is out of this world. 

 We make the 'bacon' using thin slices of tofu, cripened in  a dry pan until almost dried out. Then we sprinkle it generously with nutritional yeast and pour on a few tablespoons of tamari and little liquid smoke. When the tofu is hot like that, it sucks up all that tasty goodness.

Honestly, I have to make double batches of this. It is too irresistible not snag one while passing by. If I didn't make more than needed we wouldn't have enough for the sandwiches!

Easy to make and great to eat. Fresh tomatoes, crispy lettuce, creamy veganaise. What's not to love?

The salt? True. I use low-sodium tamari and only a few pieces of 'bacon' per sandwich. The illegal snagging of them I discourage. Besides, we eat at home mostly and only non-processed foods. This isn't a weekly affair and our diet is varied enough to indulge in these delicious morsels here and there.

Cost Breakdown
tofu: $2
liquid smoke and tamari: $.50
nutritional yeast and veganaise: $1
tomato: $1
lettuce: $1
bread: $3
Total to make 7 sandwiches:

RECIPE UPDATE: this dish has been tested and revised and will be featured in the upcoming cookbook "Everyday Vegan Eats," by Zsu Dever.

Please Don't Squeeze Your Tofu (unless using a Tofu Xpress)

Pressing is too much of a pain and hardly works. The best way to remove the liquid from your tofu is to wrap it in a thin kitchen towel (flour sacks are great here) and let it hang out in the fridge overnight. By morning the liquid is in the towel and not the tofu.


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