Jul 17, 2010

blueberry waffles


My kitchen is full of waffles!
Strawberry, blueberry and regular. I made some blueberry syrup, too. I suppose by now it is somewhat telling that I have a bunch of berries.
And I do! Thanks to my CSA box.
Berries, berries everywhere! This is the first time I made a fruit syrup, and it was as easy as, well..., pie. Actually, it was easier; pie is more difficult. Just plop two cups of berries on your stove, add a few Tablespoons of sugar, which I am certain is optional, and cook them on low for 15 minutes. Oh, were they ever good!

To make waffles, it is quite useful to have a sink full of dirty dishes, because those little suckers can each take about 10 minutes to cook. Even though I have two waffle makers, I still have a family of five, do not make waffles all that much, so freezing some is an awesome idea, so my kids tell me, it still took me about an hour to make three batches of these goodies.

There was definitely a basic formula to follow, I was sure, and since I am - was- quite in fear of waffles, I had to find it. It really is pretty simple, and there is nothing to fear but fear itself, so the saying goes.

I now have waffles ready to be devoured for at least... a few days?
 With kids, you never know.

Cost Breakdown:
flour: $.50
almond milk: $1
berries: $1
baking powder, salt: $.10
sugar: $.25
Total to make 6 waffles:


  1. I love love love waffles! I always thought it was so easy to make but after reading what other people said, I guess theres a little trick to making them right?

  2. There are three tricks:

    (1) Have a basic waffle recipe that you can add whatever you want to to.

    (2) I've read that you don't have to oil your waffle maker, but a little doesn't hurt (even just a spray) and makes sure your waffles come out.

    (3) Know when it is done. Generally it is when the steam stops exiting your maker or slows down greatly. I've timed my waffle irons to see when that is around and both of mine are around 11 minutes. Then set your timer and begin checking. If you lift your door open and the waffle holds tight, it might not be ready. BUT if you know your waffle times, it could just be because it is sticking.

    Your batter should be pretty thick - mine was. I'll write down the basic recipe. It is simple and easy to add stuff to.

    Now, get making those waffles; they are cheaper, taste better and have more variety.

    So after all the phobia is conquered...they're a snap to make. It's that first baby step...

  3. I love the look of these waffles. Blueberry season is the finest time of year. Made your crabcakes today, fabulous.

  4. I love blueberries, too. They are one of those super-foods people talk about.

    Thanks for letting me know about the crabcakes! I hope they weren't too much trouble to make.


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