Jul 3, 2010

sweet potato sandwich

We went on a hike today. Lunch was sweet potato sandwich with lemon-tahini spread. I baked the sweet potatoes the night before with the Lima Bean Bake and cooled it overnight in the fridge. It worked very well because the potato had time to firm up and was tender and melt-y but held together. The spread I made with tahini, yogurt, Meyer lemon (why not?) and sugar and salt. At home on the sandwich were tomatoes, onions, avocado and sunflower sprouts - the most decadent sprouts in my opinion.  

The kids found this sandwich a little too sweet. The first one I made I made the mistake of not seasoning properly. Because the sweet potatoes are so sweet, seasoning each layer was crucial! For the girls I made the sandwich the same way but without the sweet potato and called it California Sandwich with Lemon-Tahini Spread.

Cost Breakdown:
bread: $2
sweet potato: $2
avocado: $2
onion, tahini, yogurt, sugar: $1
tomato: $2
Total for 5 sandwiches:

Sweet Potato Sandwich

California Sandwich

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