Jul 10, 2010

courico tacos

This recipe came straight out of Vegan Brunch. I know I'm not the first to cook and blog about this dish, but seeing all the rave reviews, I put it on my menu.

Let me tell you, the raves aren't exaggerated - this is highly delicious. I defy any meat-eater to by-pass this fare. It is spicy and smoky thanks to the chipotle peppers, sweet owing to the tomatoes, pungent because of the hint of vinegar and the soy curls are a great choice in this. In fact, I am sold - it is soy curls from now on. The difference between Soy Curls and TVP is that TVP is defatted soy beans and Soy Curls uses the entire bean. I like that idea much better. I am totally into whole foods, and this is in line with that philosophy.

Cost Breakdown:
soy curls: $2
tomato: $2
onion, garlic, chipotle: $1
pineapple salsa: $2
shells: $2
Total to make 8 tacos:

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