Jul 3, 2010

polenta rancheros

It seems fitting to make our brunch from a brunch cookbook: 
Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.
Based on her description - replacing soft eggs with soft polenta - had my attention. I simply love any recipe that replaces eggs in traditional dishes - chickens being one of the worst treated animals on factory farms.  

When Kate tasted it, she practically swooned! It is a truly delicious meal! The soft, creamy polenta, with the spicy beans and the cooling guacamole is superb. Nicely thought out recipe. Next time we make this - and we will - I will grind the spices before adding the onions and garlic; broken pieces of coriander seeds are a little distracting in the rancheros.

Cost Breakdown:
tomato, can: $2
2 beans: $4
polenta: $.50
avocado: $3
onions, garlic, fresh tomato: $2
vegetable broth, homemade: $.50
sour cream: $.50
Total tofeed a family of 5:


  1. That looks delicious. I've made polenta separate and used it as a substitute for mashed potato. This is a more creative recipe. Will give it a try.

  2. This looks so good! Been wanting to get Vegan Brunch for awhile now. How do you like it? Is it worth buying?

  3. This is one of those recipes I've flagged but haven't found the occasion to try yet, thanks for the beautiful photo and $ breakdown!

  4. Amanda, thank you for commenting and visiting! I love your cupcakes! They look delicious and are so beautiful.

  5. Jacklyn, I haven't been ignoring your question; I just wanted to be very careful answering - I don't want to give you a misleading opinion.

    You've probably already looked at the Table of Contents, so you know she covers The Sweet, The Savory, The Bread Basket and The Sides.

    She has some great ideas and if you like brunch, like we do at my house, this books comes in handy. She does a lot of waffles and pancakes and muffins. She also has omelettes, quiches and frittats - typical egg dishes.

    If more than a few of the items I mentioned really tickles your taste buds, you should get it. If you are still on the fence, keep checking out my Saturday lunch posts since they are brunch items. I am not big on the sweet brunch part, unfortunately for my kids I do not have a sweet tooth, but they tend to cover that when they cook and I do make some anyway. The point is, keep your eye on my blog posts about brunch/breakfast ideas and see what I keep making from her book. This week I am making 'Courico Tacos' from her book and you can have another idea of the kinds of foods she has in there.

    Gosh, I hope this helps and is not confusing you even more :}


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