Jul 29, 2010

buffalo baked potatoes

Kate wanted to make baked potatoes for her lunch.
 Yes, the second potato dish in as many days. You know how we like to double up on the good things! Well, I couldn't say no, but I did ask her to make something with it. She chose to steam broccoli and make a cheese sauce.

She baked some huge potatoes in the toasted oven (less hot than the big oven) and steamed some of the florets.

She made a killer cheese sauce using a simple bechamel sauce that she seasoned and put about a cup of Daiya cheddar in. To make it special she added diced tomatoes and Frank's Hot Sauce - the original Buffalo Sauce , uh, sauce.

This was phenomenal! I added some sliced red cabbage onto mine, some extra hot sauce and there was no need for any wings to be involved except when the flavors took to flight.

Fabulous, Kate. So glad you made baked potatoes.

Cost Breakdown:
6 huge Russets: $4.50
broccoli: $3
Daiya: $2
Almond milk: $1
tomato, cabbage and Frank's: $1.50
Total to feed 6 people:


  1. oooooo weeee! that looks so good right now... I am tired, have no energy today and I want that amazing baked potato! yummmmmmy!

  2. I wish I could just pass it to you through the screen :]

  3. Mental telepathy going on. I have a potato blog too. Yay. Yours are much more special.

  4. Of course they are more special, GiGi! Mine aren't a Harry's cop-out!

    Sorry about the Rainbow, too :(

    I'm sure you'll get it!

    (Those who are wondering, go over to GiGi's home for the references.)

  5. What a fantastic looking meal. My compliments to Kate.

  6. Hi Tami,

    I will tell her you said so! She'll totally dig that :) Thanks for visiting!

  7. I never met a potato I didn't like. That looks outstanding!

  8. Our new favorite! We made this last night and it was incredible. Thank you!

  9. Love that, Jessica! Thank you for letting me know of your new find! Isn't it wonderful to be able to have this and that it is vegan?


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