Jul 29, 2010

eggplant and zucchini stroganoff

European Night

I have made stroganoff before, using seitan or tofu or some other meat substitute, but tonight I used all vegetables. Except for the pasta, there is no processed anything in this dish. No sour cream substitute or soy cream or anything that you need to get off the shelf at the grocers.

I seared criminis, Japanese eggplant and zucchinis. I sauteed onions, garlic and peppers. I blended 1 c cashews with 3 c water and strained it through a nut bag. I added 3 T of Bryanna's homemade chicken-style broth mix and heated the whole thing together. As I've blogged before, the fresh nut milk thickens when heated. To sour it up a bit, I added 1 T of white balsamic vinegar.

I cannot find non-egg, wide noodles at the stores here, so I made them using lasagna noodles that I sliced into thick strips after cooked.

Heaven on a plate. So, so good.
Even the kids who do not like zucchini loved this. Of course, they said it would have been even better without the zucchini.

Not the adults! Perfect as is!

Cost Breakdown:
cashews: $1
nutritional yeast: $.50
eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms: $5
onion, garlic, pepper: $1
lasagna noodles: $2
Total to feed 8 people:


  1. Gerat kid friendly ingredients. Yum. Nut bag??? I've been called that before.

  2. mmm i love stroganoff! I've made it once before with seitan, never with veggies. This sounds so much better than seitan and I love eggplant : ]

  3. Wow, that looks and sounds fantastic. I don't know if the nuts gave any flavor, but I hope so. It would be an amazing addition.

  4. GiGi, I would never call you a nut bag; you're too funny :0

    Jacklyn, this was soooo good! We love stroganoff, but this was easy and simple and the best we've had!

  5. Thank you, Mom Chef.

    Since cashews are a very mild nut, especially raw, the role of the nut here is to thicken and act as a creamy base. It did not add flavor, but if you use roasted nuts or another more flavorful one, there should certainly be a flavor addition.

  6. That looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. I just got the ingredients I need to make this. I can't wait for dinner time! thanks again!


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