pasta with artichokes and peas

Wednesdays are Italian/Pasta Night

Summer and spring elicit such an abundance of fresh vegetables that a simple pasta dish is an absolute must. This dish has artichokes, lemon, peas, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley and pasta. It was fresh, and refreshing and delicious. You can almost taste summer in the dish itself. With simply few ingredients, cooking is also a breeze and quick - fabulous for warm summer nights when being in the kitchen is the last thing on your over-heated mind. 

The kids liked this, too. Too simple not to, really.

Cost Breakdown:
artichokes: $3
sun-tomatoes: $1
parsley and lemon: $.50
pasta: $3
peas: $2
wine: $.50
Total to feed a family of 5:


  1. that looks like the perfect summer dinner! I can't wait to try it!

  2. Thanks! Perfect to get you out of the kitchen ASAP.

  3. I hate peas, but out of love for my husband I am always on the look out for a good recipe with peas, he loves them, yuck. But I love artichoke, so this might be a good compromise for us. Thanks

  4. This tasted really good and since there are just enough peas in it, you can navigate around them - like my kids do. It seems my bowl will typically have the peas that go missing from theirs. Hmmm.