Jul 11, 2010

hungarian cream of mushroom soup

Three-fifth of us love mushrooms. We love shiitakes, oysters, bellas, chanterelles, morel,  even the simple button. I suppose where ever a fungus can grow, and I believe that is on every continent but Antarctica, the people of that region have held a love of the 'flower' of the mushroom, because we do not actually eat the main part of the fungus, which is underground and can be miles and miles of tendrils of mycelium. Uh, perhaps a little too much botany...anyway, they are good as far as I am concerned.

This Hungarian soup would use sour cream, as Hungarians are wont to do, but we are leaving the milk for the cow's baby and using cashew cream, which is much better for you anyway. Almond cream or Brazil-nut cream would also would just fine. Nuts have this really cool property where they thicken the liquid they are in as they are heated, therefore helping to thicken and bind this soup. The Hungarian paprika from Szeged  (sold in any grocery store, please do not pay the price from the link) is a must. And if you also have the Hot Hungarian Paprika, this is where to use it - the kick from it is delightful after the sweetness of the mild paprika. Kate came into the kitchen yelling for water because it was so spicy! I thought, great, she didn't eat it. To my surprise, her bowl was empty.
I guess the spice was too nice to keep her from devouring it. 

Cost Breakdown:
Mushrooms: $7
cashew: $1
onion and paprika: $1
homemade stock: $.75
Total to feed 5 people:



  1. A beautifully creamy looking mushroom soup. Really nice!

  2. Can't wait for the recipe, I am a mushroom lover! I have never tried Hungarian paprika.

  3. Thank you, Sweetums and Vanessa! It was excellent.

    Hungarian paprika is the best in the world - and I'm not just saying that because I am Hungarian. You can find it at a Safeway or Publix or Food Lion (did I get all the major groceries?). Funny, I couldn't find it at Whole Foods; maybe they thought the other chains had it covered. It is about $3-4 and will keep forever. There was a time when I lived in San Fran that I couldn't find it anywhere, so I wound up having to order it online - but, the company wanted me to order 5 at a time. Which, of course, I did. My point is it keeps quite well :) And if you want to make anything Hungarian (especially from my blog), it will call for paprika.


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