Jul 15, 2010


Pasta? Again? Yup.
Daughter Number One picked spaghetti to make for lunch.
Rules of the house:
(1) Kids have to cook one meal a week.
(2) Kids can cook what they want.
 (as long as it isn't caramel apples and such)

So, pasta it is. Besides, Cat knowing how to make a wonderful tomato sauce is not a hardship and in fact is essential - it being one of the mother sauces. Even if it is the second pasta dish in as many meals. In fact, I feel like we are in Italy!

Cost Breakdown:
pasta: $3
tomatoes: $4
onion, garlic, spices: $1
Total to feed a family of 8:


  1. Can never have too much pasta. As you can tell I like pasta, I like it hot, cold, leftover. We have pasta at least once a week and if I am pushing it we will have it twice. Thanks for a change of recipe.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I feel the same way about pasta, btw.


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