Jul 27, 2010


Cat cooked our meal today. She adores potatoes of any shape and kind, except when her mother mixes it with cauliflower or turnips or something.

In honor of the potato, she made latkes. She doesn't pan-fry them in a bunch of oil; she uses maybe a teaspoon of olive oil just to get some color on them and then bakes them for 10 minutes to make sure the potatoes are cooked. She loves them with ketchup - a fine, fine way of having food of any kind, but she will not snub her nose at the traditional applesauce and Better Than Sour Cream.

She has become quite proficient at making these and they are mightee-fine.

Cost Breakdown:
3# potatoes: $3
onion, carrot: $1
flour, baking powder, nutritional yeast: $1
applesauce: $3
Better Than Sour Cream and ketchup: $1
Total to feed 4 people as a meal:


  1. mm these look like hash browns, my bf would love this recipe! and what a smart way to avoid frying them on the stove.

  2. Cat does do agreat job. I wil post a recipe for you and your BF (lucky man!).


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