Jul 8, 2010

leek and kale patties with black-eyed peas

Thursday is European/Potato Night

I made some wonderful patties using leeks, kale and mashed potatoes. I pan-fried them in a little oil to give them a crisp crust. I cooked black-eyed peas with tomatoes, a dash of sugar and salt. I love making black-eyed peas because they cook in the pressure cooker in 10 minutes without needing to be soaked. I grilled asparagus to add some color and just because I love asparagus and they will soon be history for another year.

All in all I thought the flavors were great, the textures right on...but, family only thought it was 'okay.' I wonder if cooking the meal makes a difference in the perception of the taste.

Cost Breakdown:
1 c dry black-eyed peas: $.50
tomatoes: $2
onion, garlic. spices: $1
leeks: $2
kale: $2
asparagus: $3.50
potatoes: $.50
Total to feed a family of 6:

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