Jul 22, 2010


European Night

This loaf is based on Hungarian Fasirozott. What makes a Hungarian meatloaf Hungarian? The onions are sauteed first with 'bacon' - in my case olive oil and a little toasted sesame seed oil for taste and instead of breadcrumbs we use rice. I used ground seitan, which if homemade, actually sticks together well. I also added flax seed meal to help the binding in case my seitan wasn't enough. The flavors were spot on, the texture excellent, it was moist and it held together. I believe I've covered the criteria for a meatloaf. I did not add the obligatory ketchup on the top, but some family members, who shall remain anonymous, added a generous portion to their helpings.

Cost Breakdown:
1/2 of a portion of homemade seitan: $1.50
flax: $.50
rice: $.25
vegetables: $1
tomato paste: $.50
Total to make 7 servings:


  1. I remember as a little girl my mother made lentil loaf for us--I loved it!

  2. Beautiful loaf. This is one of the toughest dishes for me to make and have it turn out well. Mine loves to fall apart.

  3. Ok, so I see the title and my first thought is, "That's just freakin' wrong." It looks great, but it's still wrong! :)

  4. Wrong can be so right! :)
    Is that a song?

    Squeky Gourmet, is it time to make a lentil loaf? Do you have a recipe?

    Tender Branson, you are correct! Since I will not use eggs, the binding can be difficult. And just as with a 'meat' meatloaf, dryness can be a problem; more so, since the vegetables and legumes do not exude fat.

    The homemade seitan, when ground, actually sticks together to some extend. I added 4 T of ground flax meal (mixed with a little water) to help it bind even more. Omega-3 Fatty Acid is a bonus! Also, cooled seitan firms up quite a bit, so the day after is even better. As for flavor - it kicked some big booty.

  5. looks and sounds great!! i love meat...but like dishes with meat alternatives. i'm definitely going to give this a try!!


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