Jul 4, 2010


Happy Fourth of July! Vegan BBQ - no it is not an oxymoron! We had a fabulous cook-out making Chicago Dogs, Corn on the cob and Incrediburgers from American Vegan Kitchen by Tamasin Noyen. It holds together incredibly well on the grill and is incredibly tasty! All the kids love it, to boot. I also made my American potato salad, inspired by Julia Child who was inspired by a lady named Rosie. Now it is vegan and delicious. The secret to making tasty potato salad is marinating the still warm potato slices in the cider vinegar and vegetable broth before adding the veganaise.

No cost breakdown because we made a lot of food :0


  1. ! Wish I had read that tidbit about the vinegar before I made my own potato salad today - whoops! Burger looks fantastic!

  2. Amanda, I will post the recipe for the Potato Salad because it is the best potato salad in the world - not kidding; it hardly made it to the table - everyone kept tasting it whenever they went in the kitchen!

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Mighty fine looking burger and dog.

  4. Thanks! They were very good. My youngest daughter does not like any burgers at all - except this one.

  5. Hey there....I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but when I saw your pictures (on Food Buzz), I had to come see what made the potato salad look so creamy if you don't use eggs. I don't know what veganaise is (soy based?), but it worked REALLY well. The potato salad is gorgeous. Cheers.

  6. Hi Mom Chef,

    You don't need to be veg to take a little something form this site :)

    I only used 1/2 c of veganaise for the 3 pounds of potatoes. Eggs are not needed in mayo - the oil and the soy milk/almond milk/ any nut milk will emulsify very well without eggs. You can make it at home, but I just buy it at Whole Foods or any health food market. It has no cholesterol and there is also a reduced fat version.

    My husband never liked regular mayo but fell in love with Veganaise.

    Thanks for visiting!


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