Jul 7, 2010

deviled vegan eggs

I've been wanting to make Deviled Eggs for a while now. I finally created this nearly perfect rendition. In fact, the kids are still clamoring for more. It is rich and decadent and creamy. Even the 'whites' don't taste like tofu.

I wrapped my tofu the night before and this morning it was very smooth and as dry as tofu will get. To infuse flavor and set the texture to be silky, I simmered the 'whites' in water with a clove of garlic, black salt and onion powder. The yellow part I simmered in the same water but added turmeric for color (not to mention it is a very healthful spice). I cooled the whites to firm them up. I blended the yellows with a tablespoon of veganaise, a teaspoon of mustard, a little black salt and a pinch of cayenne.

These are wicked good. One per person is sufficient.

Cost Breakdown:
tofu: $4
Veganaise, spices, mustard: $ .50
Total to make 10:


  1. OMG! These look exactly like deviled eggs! Even after taking a closer look at the photo they still look exactly like eggs! Fantastic job. These sound really yummy.

  2. Thanks!

    The texture and the flavor were both right on the money! David came home and he agreed with the kids - it's deviled eggs. I'll write down the recipe because they loved it so much. It was so easy to make that they will be asking for repeats.

    And since there is no cholesterol and very little fat, it's a win win.

  3. the presentation on this is so nice!

  4. Beautiful picture!! Nothing like a good Deviled Egg.

  5. Thank you, Giette! Deviled 'eggs' always taste best when made without eggs :) Guilt-free cuisine! I love these tofu 'eggs'!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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