Jul 10, 2010

pizza night

We had Pizza Night here!

The kids have been asking and since there was en easy pizza crust recipe (besides the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza) in American Vegan Kitchen, my fate was sealed. I rolled the crust thin, baked the pizzas in a super hot oven in a cast iron pan (I don't have a pizza stone), and topped the kids' pizzas with Yves 'pepperoni' and David's and mine with grilled vegetables.  The adult version also has a reduced balsamic vinegar drizzle, adding sweetness and extra flavor. Making it is very easy, just reduce a half cup of balsamic vinegar to half its original volume on medium-high heat. This will eliminate the acidic quality of the vinegar and concentrate its sweetness. BTW, to get the 'pepperoni' to be crisp, pan-fry them in a little olive oil before adding to the pizza.

Cost Breakdown:
crust: $2
Yves: $3
Daiya and Follow Your Heart: $7
vegetables: $3
vinegar: $.50
Total to make 5, 9-inch pizzas:

Stuffed-Crust with Yves Pepperoni

Grilled Vegetable with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction


  1. This pizza must have certainly satisfied you three children! It looks scrumptious. N what a good idea to use a cast iron. I never thought of that. Ill try that next time. I have one lying around doing nothing. I mite as well put it to work! soon. :)))tq :)

  2. It certainly did, you're right! Pizza night is just as popular at our house as at anyone else's. We get to save the tip, though - among other things :)

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. How did the stuffed crust turn out? Did you just put cheese inside the dough?

  4. The kids were tickled pink when they bit into the edge and they discovered it. To make the edge of the pie, roll it over 1/4 inch of cheese. Naturally, roll your dough a bit bigger so you have enough to fold over the cheese mixture. So in essence, I didn't put the cheese in the dough, I put it in the edge of the crust. Let me know if that didn't make good sense.

  5. Makes perfect sense. I've loved the idea of a stuffed crust but never attempted it. Since you had I figured I'd pick your brain. Thanks, now I have something to work with.

  6. Let me know if you need any further info. You can email me, too...veganaide@yahoo.com


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