Nov 13, 2010

cinnabon + auntie anne's pretzels (MoFo 8)

Today we are hitting the sweet spots. Not only is the cookbook giveaway Sinfully Vegan by Lois Dieterly, but to kick it off we are making Cinnabon's HUGE cinnamon roll and Auntie Anne's Pretzel.

Both are made with a sweet dough and both are gigantic. Here are two more reasons that getting a bread maker is smart, it is not just for whole wheat bread and seitan! So if ever you see a great buy on a bread machine, do yourself a favor.

The Cinnabon bakes up at three and a half inches on each side and three inches tall. Oh, yeah! Filled with brown sugar and cinnamon, this is one of those treats that is a pain to walk past in malls, but walk we must since they contain eggs and dairy. Now put your boots on because we are walking all over Cinnabon - right up to the oven to grab one of these delectable, gooey sweets. Pop the dough in your bread machine and when it has risen, roll out, sprinkle with the filling, roll up and cut large. 

Auntie Anne's Pretzels dough is just as easy: throw the ingredients in your machine, when it has risen, roll the dough into 8 - three feet long ropes. Dip in baking soda water, spray with oil and bake for 10 minutes. These beauties bake up to be almost six inches wide. Couldn't be easier. Or tastier. At least I think they were since they were all gone by the time I was done in the kitchen.

To win the cookbook, just comment. Tell me something that you like or don't like about mall food. Contest ends on Tuesday night, Nov. 16 and is open to US, Canada, Mexico and UK residents.

Cost Breakdown:

flour, milk: $3
yeast, cinnamon, sugar: $2
Better Than Cream Cheese: $.50
Earth Balance: $.50
Total to make 8 rolls:

flour, yeast: $2.50
baking soda, cinnamon, sugar: $3
Total to make 8 pretzels:


Auntie Anne's Pretzels


  1. Since moving to SF I'm digging that Loving Hut is in the mall downtown...yup vegan food in a food court, pretty cool

  2. Don't enter me in the contest, but I just wanted to say again how much I love your theme!

  3. Those look SOOO good, the pretzels especially! I used to love Auntie Anne's pretzels, but had to give them up when I switched to Vegan. I can't wait to give these a try. Hopefully they'll turn out as succesful as yours.

  4. What I don't like about mall food is that they have too much of everything (be it grease, icing, butter, salt). Do mall shoppers have no taste buds? I love your versions.

  5. there's actually a good greek place @ one of our malls - i had some great taboulli there!

  6. Mall food was always pretzels and lemonade -- I'm a sucker for lemonade!

  7. It's so funny that these are the two things you chose, because cinnamon rolls and pretzels are my two favorite mall foods! My local mall has a place called "Mom's Cinnamon Rolls" and you can order a cup that is full of teeny tiny cinnamon roll, uh, balls sort's' been so long, I can't even remember the name. But, tasty they were.

  8. I don't like everything about mall food, except for the smell of the cinnabons. Everything, except for the cinnabons, tastes awful plus you have NO idea what's in it. Plus, eating in those food courts is just nasty, ugh!

  9. Nicole, OMG, I can't wait to have a Lovin Hut at our mall. We went to one that just opened in Orlando so it is exciting to see this take shape.

    Tami, you know you are my vegan goddess of food, right? I love your creativity and the way you put recipes together with such ease. I am always honored when you visit my humble blog :)

    For those who have been in a cave this year (and I am not judging you - I'd love to go live in a cave), Tamasin Noyes is the author of "American Vegan Kitchen" and she has most, most graciously offered to grant one of her cookbooks to me as a giveaway. Yup, a little secret now only know to not only those who read my blog, but those that take the time to read the comments as well. Oh, the joys!

    Thanks, Tami!

    Kim, both recipes have soy-free options; thinkin' of you, girl.

    Sarah, I know how you feel! I have three kids who drag their feet through the Food Courts at malls (might I add, of their own accord.).

    Tender Branson, no, I do not think mall shoppers (can we expand that to most of American palates?) have taste buds; they have been eradicated by all the taste bud clogging food they eat: sugar, salt, fat.

    Panda, I love Greek food, and I love tabouli and hummus and gyros! Great to know that some malls actually serve tasty dishes.

    Becky, lemonade is so fab! Love the fresh squeezed stuff - scratch the crud out of the fountain, though.

    Lizzie and Laurelvb, I must have been channeling your thoughts when I was making these...

  10. (Not for the contest, thanks)

    In my mall working days, there two food stops where like the dark side calling to me... Most days I was strong, yet on occasion... :)
    Now, thanks to your genius, I can have them BOTH!

    BTW, I agree about loving AVK.

  11. Although I don't actually eat 'em, the decadent aroma that constantly eminates from the Cinnabon stall in the food court is so intoxicating! Thanks for the post :)

  12. I like malll food cause I allways find something I've not eaten in ages and used to like as a child/teenager :)
    Oohhhhhh cinnabonbombs! delicuious they are! :)

  13. Oh no!
    I think I just missed the deadline, have I?
    I commented but wasn't signed in to wordpress, dammit!
    well I like that malls allways have some old comfort food that I've not had in ages! :D
    yum cinnabons!

  14. I got you cakeaddict...I haven't done the drawing, yet, so I'll include you. :)


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