Nov 1, 2010


Welcome to Weekly Vegan Menu's Month of Vegan Food Blogging!

For this month, we are changing the name to
"Weekly Vegan Menu Take-Out."

For the following month we are recreating restaurant food for your home. Don't live near Millennium? No problem. Applebee's uses meat? We got it covered.  Desserts use eggs and dairy? Sink your sweet tooth into November.

This month we are traveling all over the U.S. making signature meals - yes, not dishes, but meals! - from top vegan, vegetarian and popular restaurants.

We'll travel from the East Coast's Anchor Bar to the West Coast's Cafe Flora and stop along the way at Chicago Diner, Olive Garden and even Outback. We'll dip down to sunny Florida to visit Sublime and not even ignore Benihana.

Yup, that is how confident we are that not only will we bring you vegan food from far flung places, but make many meatless meals possible from the cross section of Americana.

Here is the line up, not necessarily in this order.

Red Robin
Enjoy Chinese
Chicago Diner
Olive Garden
Pizza Hut
Anchor Bar
Mother's Cafe
Annie's Pretzels
Cafe Flora
Soup Nazi
TGI Friday's
Native Foods
Follow Your Heart

Not to be outdone by super cool blogs like Vegan Appetite, we, too are giving away cookbooks. One per week, so check back often. Only one cookbook per wining address or family. We are shipping anywhere in the US and if the post doesn't charge UK and Canada more than the book's cost, we'll ship there, too.

This is promising to be an exciting, fat-filled (maybe we'll try to health it up a bit!), delicious month of vegan food.

I can't wait! 


  1. Great post! Sounds like you are going to have a lot going on!

  2. Me too! Can't wait to see your vegan road show. Happy MoFoing! Come visit Veganville when you get a chance! We're MoFoing too.

  3. You got that right, Noelle! My kids said this will be the best month ever! They meant lots off foof that aren't green :)

    Already did, GiGi - and it is worth a Million Bucks - I know where to go for my next cookie fix...

  4. wow i'm excited to hear your meal options!!! a have a lot of those restaurants around here! i even had outback recently but all i ate was steamed veggies and fries (and i think i could taste butter on the damn veggies!)

  5. I bet you did, Amy! Having worked in many, many restaurants, the re-heaters (yes, they just reheat and throw things on the grill and in oil), don't really understand butter, and your desire to be as far away as possible from it.

    Also, I'm not really sure if having been in an Outback restaurant you can actually consider 'having eaten' it since you really only had their idea of 'veg.' No worries - coming up are Aussie Fries, Bloomin Onions and Alice Sprigs Chicken - oops, I think I let the bread out of the oven....

  6. Oh my, you are so my hero this Mofo. Just catching up and your first 5 posts are so amazing!

  7. This is genius. I think this is genius because if I ever had a vegan restaurant, my idea would be to veganize restaurant meals. Awesome :)


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