Dec 18, 2010

fried vegan omelet with roasted radish

Fried Vegan Omelet is one of Cat's favorite dishes. Since I've already blogged about this, here, I wanted to make it a little differently. Earlier in the week I asked readers what they would do with a radish and the overwhelming responses were: Roast Them!

So, roast them I did. The Fried Omelet is made with tofu, nutritional yeast, turmeric, and black salt, among other ingredients like flour and plant milk. The omelet is then spread thin on a griddle and "fried" until crisp. This is totally delicious and you should go and make it right now.

Cat likes these with just ketchup, Mikel prefers them on toast with veganaise and vegan cheese (I used Teese today), and Kate likes them with slices of tomatoes and slivers of onions. 

I, on the other hand, made them really snazzy by topping them with roasted radish and tomato slices. Both of those brilliant folks (Tami and Erin) who recommended that radishes be roasted, have it right. Excellent preparation.

Cost Breakdown

bread: $1.50
tomato, radish: $1.25
tofu: $2
spices, flour, nutritional yeast, plant milk: $1.25
Total to make 5 sandwiches:


  1. I really like tofu sandwiches like that, but I've never thought of using those other condiments. We get radishes frequently in our farm share, I might have to try roasting them and putting them on a sandwich. Thanks!

  2. It was amazing. I never thought roasted radishes could be so good, but they are :)

  3. Lovely!

    I've never done anything with radishes beyond slicing them and dipping them in hummus.

  4. How did I miss your fried omelet recipe? That looks so good!

  5. Give it a go, Amanda; you'll be surprised.

    Thanks, Tami :}


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