Dec 17, 2010

hungarian paprika potatoes

European Night

Continuing with Cat's Birthday Week menu, I made March of the Grenadiers. In order to make the March, you need to make Paprika Potatoes. Paprika Potatoes can stand very well on its own, hence the double picture, but when mashed a bit, mixed with pasta and then baked, it is outstanding.

Very simple and quick, this is a staple in our home. I don't usually go to the extend of exerting myself with an extra pot and make March of the Grenadiers, but it was specially requested by Cat.

Super Yummy and Super Quick.

Cost Breakdown

potatoes: $3
onion, garlic: $1
paprika: $.50
pasta: $2
Total to make 6 servings:

Paprika Potatoes

March of the Grenadiers


  1. I usually paprika my potatoes into fries. I like the idea of this recipe too, an actual topping you can feel.

  2. Thanks, Tender Branson. I do that with my fries, too - really a good idea. I should have clarified that Paprika Potatoes are a staple in every Hungarian home. They are the poorman's Paprikash since chicken was expensive.


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