Mar 6, 2011

brewpub tater-tot pie

Rounding off the PPK week of American Vegan Kitchen we nod a bit to homeschoolers - I made Tami's Brewpub Tater-Tot Pie, a variation of which the Duggars are famous for.

When we first started homeschooling, we were enthralled by a show - 14 Kids and Pregnant - or some such title. It was about a homeschooling family (which is what appealed to me). This was shown on TLC and since then the family has had 5 more kids and acquired a TV series, 19 Kids and Counting. Since then I have lost all respect for TLC (hint: Palin, the Wolf-killer). As for the Duggars, their contribution to our family was limited to their Tater-Tot Casserole - a concoction of ground meat, condensed canned mushroom soup and fried, molded potatoes. Surprisingly, they endorse a cookbook titled, Two Sisters Cookbook - a vegan cookbook.

I know I need not say this, but Tami's version dwarfs the Duggars'. In fact, Tami's version is more a play on Sheppard's Pie with tater-tots than a Duggar's version of cheap food.
No offense meant.

I changed up the tots - Tami calls for one pound of tots, cut in half. I used two pounds, whole. I think she specified this in her book to lower the calorie and fat content, but I know my kids and they thought I was being skimpy with the tots as it was.
No surprise there.

So, to warp up the book, Tami's is a must have, something I have stated before; while I have not been tempted by most cookbooks, this one, to my benefit, I was tempted by.

Yum. Period.

Cost Breakdown

tater-tots: $4
TVP, spices: $2
carrot, onion, celery: $1.50
tomato paste, broth: $1
Total to make 6 servings:


  1. Do I have to homeschool to make this?
    It looks so tasty. What am I talking about I do homeschool...forgot about the husband ;)

  2. Tater tots are a beautiful thing. What brand did you use?

  3. GiGi, husbands count!

    Tender Branson, I'm afraid I tossed the package, but it was organic and from Whole Foods. I'll check and let you know the next time I go shopping.

    Amanda, yes, this is one I can certainly see as a neat potluck dish.

  4. Thanks for pointing out another great recipe from AVK.
    Made this with Go-lean rather the TVP (TVP just scares me for some reason...) and it was outstanding.
    I think next time I'll do a double layer of Tots, one on the bottom and one on top.

    Ever since our local health food store started stocking organic tot (Natures Valley I think) they have become a weekly treat.

  5. I love so many things about this post:
    Potatoes, Homeschooling and Palin-snubbing! lol.. how have I not found your blog sooner? I'm so excited to read more of your recipes!

  6. recipe link not working though.. :(

  7. Hi Mistie--great to have you here! Thanks very much and look around -- there are more than 200 recipes here. As for the Duggar's casserole link, I'll fix it asap :)


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