Mar 6, 2011

route 66 seitan sandwich

American Vegan Kitchen brings us another fantastic sandwich. Tami has the best sandwiches eva! This one is a seitan sandwich that was easy to make. I kneaded the gluten for a cycle in the bread machine and then rolled pieces out on my cutting board. A tip to help the gluten roll easier is to begin rolling one and set it aside while you finish rolling them all. By the time you get back to your first piece, it will have relaxed and you can roll it some more to get them bigger.

I sauteed these to get them browned and crispy and then sliced them before putting them on the toasted bread. These are garnished with lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo and a sweet pepper and tomato relish. A couple of pickles to top them off and these were scarfed in no time.

The Sandwich Queen strikes again. Thanks, Tami!

Cost Breakdown:

seitan: $3
buns: $3
lettuce, tomato, pickles: $2
veganaise, relish: $.75
Total to make 8 sandwiches:


  1. Thank you so much for doing all of these for the Challenge. I'm sure you've tempted people to branch out a little from the usual go-to meals.

  2. I had it in my head to do the challenge for at least AVK and then I noticed on Wednesday that I had forgotten!

    It is so easy to cook from this book that I was able to get all the stuff together for the recipes (had most of it) and planned the entire rest of the week in a matter of minutes.

    Thanks, Tami! It was a LOT of fun!

  3. Hey! I love seitan and for some reason i never thought about making it into a burger dish.. emmm!! I'll be definitely trying this out!


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