Oct 19, 2011

boston market (MoFo 29)

Boston Chicken has gone through its ups and down. In the early 90's they were at the top of their game, so much so that they began offering other menu items. In fact, they became so popular for it, that they decided the name Boston Chicken was no longer apt for the business and so changed to Boston Market. Woo-hoo! Until, that is, they so over-extended themselves that by 1998 they filed Chapter 11. Who do you think came to their rescue? I'll give you one McClue... 

The company was purchased in 2000 by the McDonald's Corporation with the intention to get their hands on the real estate and dump the name and menu. However, after McD's cleaned house of the constipated BM's (I have a joke here that I will not indulge in...too late), the Market began to flourish again (rats!) and McD's decided to leave well enough alone. If it makes money...ya know.

Apparently things weren't quite as rosy in McLand though, because by 2007, the Market once again changed ownership.

The Boston Market Meatloaf was one of the menu additions from the original folks, and here I have reinvented it in all its vegan glory. While theirs is made of a cow, mine is made of veggie burgers. Pretty sure any veggie burger will work, but I made mine with Boca. The burgers are mashed up and mixed with onions, seasonings and barbecue sauce. The sauce is added at mid-cooking, as well. 

The sides at Boston Market are something that vegetarians, at least, can indulge in, but why should vegans be excluded? And why not make it vegan, anyway, for that matter?

Here I have made three of the side dishes, Creamed Spinach, Macaroni and Cheese, Sweet Potato Casserole and Poultry Gravy. The mashed potatoes are my creation and not one of their "Gourmet Sides."

All of them are fantastic, but as far as it goes, this place should be called Boston Butter, not Market. They use a ton of butter, cream and cheese in almost every side dish - at least the ones I chose to make. A note: To make this as good as it can be, you must use unsweetened, plain non-dairy milk. Anything else will make things taste way too sweet.

Vegan Meatloaf with Gravy

Creamed Spinach. Macaroni and Cheese, Sweet Potato Casserole


  1. Looks tasty and meaty for a veggie burger. I cannot wait to try this one out. I hope mine is also delicious.

  2. I can't wait for your recipes!! Please, soon!

  3. As one who has had the sides at BM, I can say that yours look a million times better than the stuff at the restaurant!

    Hope all is well with you and again, thanks for sharing your incredible gift of cooking with us all.

  4. Hey Vegan Aide!!! Where did you go? I miss seeing you and your posts 'round here.

  5. Thanks, Irene!

    I will make more haste, Bethany. Is there one you'd like to see more than the other?

    Thanks, in2insight!

    Thanks, Gigi! Here I am :}

  6. I have a ? the meatloaf is supposed to be vegan but it calls for 2 cubes of beef bouillon. Doesn't that have beef in it? Let me know I would love to try this recipe. Thanks


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